What is Zero Tolerance for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive? Find out on this edition of Friday Night Arcade?

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  1. Even though I had access to Doom on my very own clone 486DX2, I loved this game. I remember wishing Sega went with an SVP chip for this game as it would have been out of this world. You have to think, had this been an Snes game it likely would have had an FX or FX2 chip. Even though the graphics were not great for its time the gameplay and length more than made up for it….shotgun collected. This should have been on the Genesis Mini…oh wait, it's on mine! 😉

    As far as being a gamer from that time…I'm with you 100%. I may be a bit of a Sega snob that does not mean I didn't love my Nes and Snes. As long as a machine has at least 10 truly great games on it, it's worth owning to me. My life just wouldn't be the same without Mario, Yoshi, Link, Samus, Ness, and many more. Just as I would truly be a sad panda without Sonic, Tails, Gillius Thunderhead, Axel, Blaze, Adam, Skate, Knall, Luna…again, I could do this forever.

  2. As a kid who did grow up with this title, I can tell you, it was a lot of fun and honestly, I keep dreaming of the day that someone remakes the entire game on a more modern engine.

  3. my childhood friend and i used to love this freaking game. used to play linked console to console for co-op play. done through a link cable over the second controller port. was so awesome for its day.

  4. I have this game, and the link cable. Co-op Play was awesome for the time. Co-op required two copies of the game, two Genesis units, and two TVs. How the link cable worked is that it was plugged into the second controller port on both systems. I used to use a controller extension cable to make the link cable longer so my brother and I could play with one of us at the living room TV, and the other on the bedroom TV. It worked like a charm! This would be easier to play using a Nomad as the second setup.

  5. Played as a teen. Crazy good game. I got to where I’d weaken the last boss with guns and just jump kick him until he died. lol

    Multiple characters of different ages, genders, and ethnicities? Plus dark and violent? Very Sega. Streets of Rage was like that relative to Final Fight.

  6. Heads up. Picodrive for Retroarch indeed let's you overclock the emulated CPU. Bump it up to 25%, and Zero Tolerance plays at a buttery smooth frame rate! Now it's something I can sink some time into!

  7. I only had an snes as a kid but never looked down on the genesis. They both have great games. I'd never heard of this game before today and I found it at my local game shop CIB for $8. It looked cool so I got it. Apparently I got a badass deal. Lmao


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