Retro Game one of my favorite Handhelds finally haves the good upgrade we all where waiting for, what did they more change ?

Where to find ?
Retro Game / Q9 IPS 60hz –
Retro Game / Q9 2 Year Anniversary –

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  1. Really nice. I wish they'd flipped where the d-pad and analog stick are but the 60 Hz IPS screen is awesome. If someone doesn't already have one that alone is worth it.

  2. Another case of getting what you pay for, I guess. I prefer my PSVita with Vita2SD adapter, running firmware 3.60. However, by the time you add the cost of the Vita, the adapter and a decent sized SD card, it is way more than what you pay for this Chinese handheld

  3. I have about 12 or more of these chinese retros and finally wised up. Got myself a PS Vita, hacked from the dreaded 3.73 to 3.60 and can now download All [and I mean"All"] PS Vita, PS1 games. Not to mention all other games thru their respective emulators. The PS Vita is by far the best game system for about $100 with amazing performance, versatility & huge 5" screen with such clarity. Glad I made the transition & so much fun modding the device!

  4. What's up with the cutout for the screen being too big. That's just annoying. I'd have to do some kind of makeshift improvement there.

    Imagine Apple releasing a product with such an obvious design flaw. Steve jobs would rise from the grave with the wrath of 100 gods and smack the shit out of everyone involved.

  5. I got the anniversary edition but all the games are in Chinese. I tried to add my own but they have this weird numbered folder system. How do I replace the ROMs with all of my own Ramos y don't have these games that are labeled in Chinese?

  6. damn, I just received my fc188 game from aliexpress and the d pad is amazing. I had a retro fc plus, a pxp3, a gb40, a 400 in one retro fc and a pokegear and this beats em all in quality. I got it from rooolling store cheap


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