Get your dice out and pull up a chair, because today we are playing Yahtzee! This arcade game is based off the dice game Yahtzee. If you are not sure how to play Yahtzee, do not worry, we are not experts either. 😛 Anyone can have fun playing Yahtzee!

How Yahtzee works:
The goal in Yahtzee is to get the best dice combination possible. The better the combination, the more tickets you will win. If you are able to get five of one number, YAHTZEE! That means you win the jackpot!

For each credit entered, you get to pop the balls up to simulate a dice roll. Then you get to choose to hold/not hold any of the dice(balls). You then get to pop up the balls that you did not hold previously. If you like the first pop, just hold all the balls and press pop to continue.

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  1. Yahtzee is such a random game the dice just jump into any colour it’s a game of luck!! This game is fun though to watch Cris click it and then wait till it decides. Love you guys 💕❤️

  2. I wish you mentioned how much credits or amount of money these games cost. If each game really costs a $1 of this, and they want you to play 5 games in order to get 200 tickets, that's $5. You spent $5 in 3 minutes if that's the amount of money it is. $10 in 5 minutes 34 seconds.

    Basically, arcades are expensive. They can be fun, but they aren't cheap. I used to be the ticker person awhile ago, but now I figure it's about just the fun of playing whatever game. To me, the stuff in the ticket store is just cheaper to buy in a real store / online. If I get tickets, I'll just get whatever & not worry about saving tickets up. If you are hitting jackpot, jackpot, jackpot; you will probably spend 4 times as much in an arcade than actually buying the thing you want in the ticket store.

    Could you play Snow down if you have that game at your Dave and Busters? I have seen a total of 1 person playing that game on youtube, and they only played 1 game of it. There are probably 200 Slam A Winner videos, 35 skeeball videos, 20 Super Shot videos, 1000 claw videos, 100 coin pusher, etc but for some reason no one ever plays Snow down. If you play that game, you will probably get a lot of views because I said only 1 person has played that game that I seen on youtube.

  3. Plush time wins I love you guys so much could you guys maybe give me a shoutout I love you so much hugs from your number one fan I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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