XBOX ONE S Style Retro Gaming Console – The XGAME System
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You can use the following wireless game controller on this console:
G600 Wireless Gaming Controller
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  1. I feel like people misunderstand these consoles.

    The creators of the X Game console create these emulator consoles, release them online, people on wish buy these, sell them for a slightly higher price, marketing them with misleading names, making people think they can get an xbox one for 40 usd.

    Next up people are suprised they dont get an xbox for 40 usd, become mad and hate the console while in reality its just an emulator.

    Yes, there are rip off consoles, but X Game is not one of them.

  2. William M. Nash

    William M. Nash Wca Nywayz Wow, it's hard to believe that is HDMI. Everything looks so washed out. The sound is just terrible! All high end with no mid-range or bass. Also, I think it's compressed to 12kb, because the the dither is pretty rough. Lastly, just general emulation is choppy and slow. I can't believe anyone who has the slightest interest in retro games would buy this when there are so many other options.


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