Worst Games Ever – Barbie: Explorer

Worst Games Ever – Barbie: Explorer

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s worse than most. Prepare for a tomb-raiding, bandicoot-crashing adventure starring video gaming’s second best Barbara!


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  1. Its a shame Peter and Ben don't have a bigger following on this channel. Bens WhatCulture videos were some of my favourite when they worked there.

  2. "smiliar plot to tomb raider"? not exactly true buuuuuuut i might see what they mean

  3. Barbie's micro expressions revealing her absolute hatred of everything. She's practically snarling.
    Also, coconuts would not be in an African jungle, they are a coastal plant.

  4. Why isn't this in the playlist?

  5. Why isn't this in the worst games ever playlist? Get your shit together guys! Lol

  6. Do one for WWE 2K20

  7. Tomb raider rip off

  8. 3:50 is hilarious torture

  9. press the x button

  10. This needs adding to the worst games series playlist!

  11. As an American I can confidently this game did change the world. But only so far as people realized the ps1 was finally dead.

  12. "I´m a roll-model" You deserve my Like

  13. 6:02 phantom menace flashbacks

  14. Surely I wasn't the only one that started singing the shooting stars song when Barbie was rolling around.. Right?

  15. Wow, wasn't expecting a Red Hot Chili Peppers but there you go.

  16. Why have you guys done these videos on 3 different channels?

  17. 24:32 Anyone else get a Kings Quest vibe from that goat

  18. "There are lots of theories." That made me laugh and laugh. So true.

  19. Now I gotta go check out GameFaqs to see if I wrote any reviews back in the day lol

  20. 29:13 For the record not a camel; its a dromadary

  21. Barbie did 9/11. Skipper can't melt steel beams

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