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Let’s retrace on a map a summary of the chain of events of WWI, the so-called “Great War”. This video summarises the origins, course and consequences of this war.


English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit
French version (original):
Russian version:
Arabic version:

Music: “God Fury” – “Anno Domini Beats” (YouTube Library)
Software used: Adobe After Effects

Nguồn: https://zaheersciencefoundation.com/

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  1. I’m just confused, you said USA entered the war because of Germany submarine causing commercial blockage in the Atlantic Ocean. However, I heard that British was about to be defeated by Germany submarine so the British made a deal with Jews German (Zionism) to bring USA to war in return Britain 🇬🇧 declare Balfour 1917 which grants and deliver the establishment of a non-secular ,theocratic Jewish state in the Middle East in Palestine 🇵🇸 can you affirm or decline this statement? Or you remain neutral about it ?

  2. people's cruelty can be devilish, especially if it is organized. all these atrocities go beyond the scope and understanding. it is said that in Ausschwitz a few thousand security guards and officers and desk perpetrators have been active there over the years. When the Russians killed thousands of Polish officers, they only needed a handful of men. let's not fool ourselves: the horror continues. take a look at china, take a look at the democratic animal concentration camps. Millions and millions of abortions go e.g. to the account of democracies. Ibestially raped. n in china, you have prepared real battle banks for women who want to give birth to a second child. the devil man !!! what abysses of seduction and enslavement of the peoples! it's insane what happens through godlessness. even innumerable spiritual spirits creep into the ass. and those who protest violently on the streets today. woe, woe, woe if we fall into your hands because you took over the power. the best man! only jesus can help us! New and very serious disasters and wars are approaching us because we have become godless. deliver yourself the so-called "free". In Germany, millions of women were brutally raped at the end of the war and beyond! the devil dares to speak of justice! be vigilant! pray! calls Jesus in this dark and cold time. consumption can never be enough!


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