Again I disabled ratings because I find that my first rating being a dislike is so untidy, but please can you tell me why you disliked? is there something I said that offended you or something I did wrong? other than that don’t just dislike the video because you don’t like the game because that’s not fair to those who do like the game and come to the video thinking my gameplay was bad due to my bad ratings.

I freaking love these Bratz games. I know they’re pretty disliked among critics but I just view critical views as personal opinions because I personally don’t like some games with critical acclaim. lol. Would have preferred to own the PS2 version of this due to the easier controls, so I can understand why the Wii version was rated lower but 3 out of 10 was a bit much, anyhow, in this video I make a start to the game, doing some missions for some people around Stylesville and we haven”t unlocked music yet. 🙁 Haha. Anyhow, we don’t start this game in our default clothing and the hair seems less glitchy in this game. This game is in fact based on the TV series rather than the movie. I really enjoyed For Ever Diamonds last year and I’m sure this one’ll be just as fun. I don’t think I’ve completed this one before but maybe I did. lol.

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  1. I still have the game, gonna replay it again today and I honestly never finished it but I will try to finish it! I love bratz so much, Yasmin will always be my favourite! And your a fan of mediaevil that's awesome that was my dad's favourite game when it came out back than and when I played the remastered one he watched me play it and helped me through it because my dad knew what to do lol

  2. I'm a guy lol but bratz was my guilty pleasure when I was a child. There's nothing really wrong about it tho. I just liked (and still like) playing light hearted games with no unnecessary challenges and suspense. Loved Bratz and also the Sims series. I think Bratz the Movie had slightly better graphics than Forever Diamondz and also better selection of outfits and hairstyles. Too bad the game would always hang on my ps2 lol. I did finish Forever Diamondz though.

  3. I wish that I could play this again but its sad that it doesn't work anymore and I hope that they have this game at gamestop cause if they do I'm going to get it!!! I love the bratz

  4. As someone who has played this game multiple times on PS2, it was so stressful when you were all confused about the pet finding the tokens and not doing the side missions like Dylan who could open Rock Out! for you. But I loved your commentary and it made me laugh a lot.

    As a side note, was this your first time playing this game? It would make some sense if it were as every newbie is instead probably like this.

    Thanks for posting this video anyway!

  5. I like bratz games too, i played on my childhood '^' Its really nostalgic ;u; But i never finished they, like other games because i was a kid and i didnt know about english xd My english still a little bad but i gonna play this on a emulator so day and finish '^'

  6. It's so awesome to see someone that loves the Bratz as much as I do. It's amazing to see someone singing to the lyrics, knowing the voice cast, and knows a lot of things about the television series. I've been a Bratz fan for 11 years so it's pretty awesome to see someone else talk about the Bratz and knowing I'm not the only one that loves them. I'm a big fan of your YTP channel, keep it up man, you make hilarious videos. 😉


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