When the heroic DECEPTICON TREADSHOT falls into a parallel universe, he befriends GRACE ALLEN, a human, but soon their relationship is threatened when both the heroic and evil AUTOBOTS arrive and turn their world upside down. In a world that is not his own, Treadshot is pushed to his limits to discover a traitor in the Autobots’ midst and to protect the person he cares for most.

TRANSFORMERS: BROKEN MIRROR is the first feature-length stop motion from the creator of TRANSFORMERS: UPRISING, and also the first ever to include Shattered Glass characters, featuring an all-star cast including Crosshairs001 as SG Treadshot, BeingIndivijewel as Grace Allen, LarryArtsProduction3 as SG Bumblebee, MaxRossLinden as Kup, Matt360UK as Cliffjumper, OrbitalBacon as Optimus Prime and DrewsiferxXx as Kick-Over.

At long last, after over 2 years of labour, and just in time for my 6 year anniversary, I present Transformers: Broken Mirror as it was meant to be released – one singular, unbroken, feature length movie! This has provided me with the opportunity to correct any mistakes I made, mostly audio. For those who watch to the end, there’s a little teaser for you… 😉

Enjoy, and thank you all so much for your love and support! It truly means the world to me and I could not have finished this project without you all!

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  1. I'm so grateful for this. Thank you for your time. You did a good job in getting me to cheer for Treadshot.

    I'm saddened by the ending, and wish that you had chosen a different ending. You have a believable ending, though.

    I can't hear well. I was left with a few questions.

  2. Saw your film two years ago. I'm still developing my new book series that is a tribute to the Transformers franchise as a whole, and your film has inspired me to plot a future story arc involving the opposite polarity universe. I like the references to Soundwave's "Inferior, Superior" line and the Japanese Headmasters cartoons, but I felt SG Bulkhead and regular Perceptor should have had speaking lines. Other than that, well done with the soundtrack. I'm trying to clear out my basement so I can do stopmotion films, and a lost of them involve Transformers so, maybe I can learn from you and follow in your cyber footsteps. Until then, 4.5 stars!


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