If you’ve been enjoying the new Hitman game then check out some of Agent 47’s best missions of all time. When Agent 47 is hired, nothing’s gonna stop him from doing his job. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hitman Missions. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re exploring the missions from the entire series, where it offers the perfect atmosphere and background for players to feel like a hitman.

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  1. In You better watch out for players playing it they may have made it seem like the bartender is the assassin. Well he is not. The real assassin is a women making out in a hallway that will lure you into a room and kill you. Sorry for the spoiler.

  2. Another amazing mission is the last mission in Hitman blood money where he wakes up in slow motion n everyone thinking his dead n starts killing everyone with the the theme song playing in the background…tho this list made me cry outta nostalgia

  3. My personal favourite (including Hitman 2)

    10. The Meat King’s Party (Contracts)
    9. Stakeout at St. Petersburg (H2:SA)
    8. The Showstopper (HITMAN)
    7. You Better Watch Out (Blood Money)
    6. Dance with the Devil (Blood Money)
    5. The Finish Line (2018)
    4. Traditions of the Trade (Codename: 47/Contracts)
    3. Curtains Down (Blood Money)
    2. The World of Tomorrow (HITMAN)
    1. Situs Inversus (HITMAN)

    Honourable Mentions:
    – Amendment XXV (Blood Money)
    – A New Life (Blood Money)
    – Anethema (H2:SA)
    – The Final Test (HITMAN)

  4. (This is from Hitman 2. I don't remember who the girl official was)
    Official: you still didnt tell us your name
    Agent 47: the records do mention 47
    Official: 47, thats not a name
    Agent 47: so make it one( walks to helicopter)

  5. i have played all hitman except for the currently latest one…and codename 47 was my most fav!!..lee hong assassination was my fav level..surprised it is not even mentioned


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