In this episode we review my top three decks for Halloween 2018
and give you a chance to win one of these decks for yourself.

Welcome back to your go-to channel for the playing card enthusiast, whether you’re a cardist or magician or collector or a killer clown this show is for you. I’m the Gentleman Wake and if you are new here we hope this great episode will compel you to subscribe, if you are a returning viewers than thanks for joining us again! In this episode we take a look at my top three decks for the Halloween season 2018 including a bicycle branded option, another printed by Cartamundi and a third by TGW regulars, the Kings Wild Project. Make sure to stay all the way to the end of the video for a chance to win one of these decks directly from me. Grab your beverage of choice and settle in, Let’s get in to it.

Featured in this episode deck reviews for the Bicycle Monster Playing Cards, The Little Deck of Horrors from Ellusionist, and Kings Wild Project Haunted 8 Deck!

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  1. Hey! I’m not a magician nor card fan but I have seen your timeline on #nosmallcreator and I wanted to see what kind of video your we’re creating and …WOW! I am impressed! Do you and your wife are doing this together ? Amazing footage , rythme and infos. I love it ! You are doing a wonderful job and I hope you’ll get many more subscribers !

  2. Ha,ha..that was fun! I really like your deranged Bozo costume.😅 I must admit, the eyeball on the Monster deck freaks me out, but I am definitely going to get it after seeing your review. Now I always said the Lady Wake was coming for your brand, but whoda thought…& she nailed it! I am already subscribed to the Gentleman's Lady's channel ever since she gave me that beautiful tour of Paris. Love the skits & dress up. Keep up the great vids. Happy Halloween!👻🎃🤡

  3. Great review and I like the variety of styles in the decks chosen; however, I would've also liked to have seen "The Halloween Deck" that was released in September by Stephen W. Brandt included; it was printed by MPC so it would've been cool to have conducted a head-to-head review of the handling against Shuffled Inked for comparison of the two smaller print companies. Regardless, it was still an entertaining vid and the clown makeup suits you well lmao XD


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