Brief explanation: All players are dealt 4 cards, leaving 3 cards that nobody has: a suspect, a weapon, and a room. Players must go to different rooms and make suggestions to figure out which cards were not dealt. The player who correctly guesses those cards, wins the game.

The suspects:
Uncle Dane:

Intro voiced by Agro of Kritzkast:

Map download:

Steam Group:
Second Channel:

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I use ToonHUD:

Thumbnail by Kate!


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  1. Any of the four, if they had paid proper attention, could have figured out it was Raja before the end of round 1. The two Raja accusations were not answered until the third person, and it was a different person to respond each of the two times.

  2. I figured it out at 29:27
    Took me a little because I wasn't really keeping note of what every one marked down.

    It was KingRaja (aka Saint Raja)
    [who killed Lady Elizabeth]
    In the Library
    With the Wrench

  3. 31:16, at this point, dane couldve crosses out all the weapons and rooms bar wrench and libraruly since no one had those cards. i was tryna find any of these situations earlier on but couldnt find any


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