1-player VS mode against CPU on Super Hard Mode

To play super hard mode: Hold Up+L while selecting hard mode. If the background turns dark red, you did it correctly.

1-player character selection: Hold X+Y while the name of the next stage is displayed. To be safe, start holding before the enemy names flash up as I’m not 100% sure on the timing. Without the code, you simply play as Yoshi by default before the villain stages.

Tetris Attack
SNES 1995
Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

1:22 Stage 1: Lakitu
2:26 Stage 2: Bumpty
3:40 Stage 3: Poochy
4:43 Stage 4: Flying Wiggler
5:52 Stage 5: Froggy
6:53 Stage 6: Gargantua Blargg
7:59 Stage 7: Lunge Fish
9:40 Stage 8: Raphael the Raven
11:42 Stage 9: Hookbill Koopa
13:17 Stage 10: Naval Piranha
14:17 Stage 11: Kamek & Toadies
15:35 Final Stage: Bowser
16:13 Ending
18:47 Credits

Play Tetris Attack for Super Nintendo Online:

Also submitted on my vizzed account, G789, using the RGR Plugin

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  1. Anyone with a nintendo switch online subscription, the Japanese version came out for the super Nintendo virtual console. Its practically the same game (only in Japanese and with different characters)

  2. My grandmother loved this game! She was an absolute beast too. She would whoop all our asses. I always gave her a challenge but hardly ever beat her. Man this brings back some good childhood memories!

  3. How you were able to be so good at this game? What was the approach to improve the skill chains? I've played the games for several years but I cannot create long chains :-/

  4. So Panel de Pon, Lip is dubbed the fairy queen after proving herself and saving the land. Tetris Attack, a little Yoshi shows up and everyone is happy to be rid of Bowser… yeah, I'm okay with this outcome.


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