Finally! This is a tool-assisted speedrun of the first person shooter Zero Tolerance, created by Technopop in 1994.
* Emulator Used: GENS-rerecording v11a
* Take damage to save time
* Luck manipulation
* Al manipulation
* Genre: First Person Shooter
Game mechanics:
* This game has damage randomizer.
* Enemies and doors aren’t physical bodies. You can actually go through them.
* Enemies (excepting bosses and hydacas) always attack at the same time.
* Enemies don’t respawn and boss’ health doesn’t regenerate if the player died.
* Enemies can speed up or change direction if they were been damaged.
* This game has all 3 spaces. The player can jump over hydacas (Longer: crabs!) or crouch under them.
* Weapon damage depends on distance and player’s position, but partially reimbursable if the character has skills to this or that type of weapons.
Weapon damage:
* Handgun/Shotgun: 1-2
* Pulse Laser: 1-3
* Laser aimed gun (MAC-10): 1-4 (4 very seldom)
* Mine: 3-5 (5 almost never)
* Hand granade: 3-4
* Flame thrower: 3-4
* Rocket launcher: 3-5 (5 almost never)
Stage and main comments:
I chose Tony Ramos (level designer) because he runs faster than other and takes less damage.
Space station:
It was good that no-one was disturbing me while I had no weapons. I wasted some ammo to manipulate Al not to block me on Engine Level 4 and Green House Level 1 (and to collect bullet proof vest). In fight with Boss 1 (12 HP) I needed to get closer to him to inflict damage of 3 and kill him in 4 shots. Flame thrower was in priority too, but if I get close to him, he starts walking around which increases his invulnerability time.
High rise building:
On the rooftop the main problem was sniper-shooting line. The sniper is on the roof of the building on the right (nice animation though!) and in my mind he is the most dangerous enemy in the game. If I kill him, another appears. I had no need in MAC-10, but I decided to save it for a nice view =). All other floors were just a running. All pink dogs, which were attacking me, killed. On the floor 160 I decided to damage attacking dog instead of killing for entertainment and it decided to TAS the game with me, but gave up. On the burning floor 152 I took fire proof suit because it’s comfortable for combat and it’s faster to collect him comparing to fire extinguisher. It’s possible to run past the flames without fire extinguisher or fire proof suit if you run along the wall, but in 95% of cases you take much damage from a flame and then go past it (if it knocks you to a free space to go forward)! I TASed Basement 1 and 7 (where are the flames) separately and took damage from flames 3 times and lost about 10 seconds in total comparing to my current TAS! In fight with Boss 2 (24 HP) I used Flame Thrower because Boss 2 shoots faster than Boss 1 and walks around anyway. His laser was strongly pushing me away so I decided to attack him crouched. Unfortunately, I killed him in 7 shots because the random wasn’t on my side: he didn’t give me 4 damage to boss on the 2nd flame throwing while I had ability to damage him! If I killed him with 6 shots (waited a little for maximum damage), I’d lose more time!
11 mazes, 11 tunnels of crabs (other weren’t dangerous) and the most difficult part of the game! The main difficulty were many times of turning left-right, left-right, but I was tolerant, patient and resilient! On the Basements 8-10 random wasn’t on my side again: some enemies were killed in 2 shots. Another problem: sometimes Imp was covering crab(s) so I needed to kill imp too. Fortunately, all this did not affect the time! Also mutated soldiers and a pair of crabs helped me to save it! In fight with Boss 3 (31 HP) I needed to go back after every flame throwing to keep my health in normal condition (he will shoot at you when his health goes very low, less than 6). An unexpected thing happens that he gets up once after you kill him! He regenerates 4 HP. The final throwing killed all monsters on the screen! I look… …tired!??
Tricks and glitches:
* “Lift-leaving” glitch:
To perform it, you must enter the lift and turn around while walking! You must end your turning when you get close to the lift wall! Anyway, watch my run to see how it looks like!
* Extra ammo for automatic guns:
If you have MAC-10 or flame thrower, equip it, hold attack button and choose weapon with excessive ammo! If you release button, you’ll change the weapon!
Note: I didn’t use this trick because it wasn’t important.
P.S: if you crouch and shoot the died crab, it will torn into two halves =)


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  1. …такое впечатление, будто ты едешь на раздолбанном карте, а звук монстров (жуки на ногах, с щупальцами) в третьей части – это звук поворота руля))))))))

  2. В детстве на сеге проходил эту игру за 28мин, потом спорил с друзьями, что пройду эту игру меньше чем за полчаса.

  3. Прошёл эту игру несколько раз. Один раз в детстве второй раз на Андроиде.
    Habe dieses Spiel mehrmals durchgespielt. Einmal in der Kindheit einmal auf Android.

  4. ностальгия. я каждый уровень зачищал помню. насчет снайпера согласен, его нельзя было пройти не вступая с ним в перестрелку и не убив его. и боссы какие то днища. урон наносят слабый и умирают также.

  5. Не верю своим глазам, в детстве я месяцами проходил эту игру, а здесь за 20 минут, спасибо за ностальжи!!!

  6. Вот это скилл мужик!Респект и уважуха.Сидел весь фильм с отрытой пастью от удивления)Первая и одна из любимейших игр на Сеге.


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