Played by: Tsunao

Panel de Pon (the original version) with Yoshi’s Island characters. Kinda like Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2 USA. This game has NOTHING to do with Tetris. The game that started the Puzzle League series (well, Panel de Pon series.)

A great puzzle game for the SNES. Longplay consists of clearing Stage Clear (and clearing the Special Stage), Puzzle (both standard and extra mode), and Versus on Very Hard difficulty (hold Up + L + A while highlighting Hard. Background turns dark red.)

No skills involved (I say I am average at the game. Xbax controller makes it harder). I NEVER completed Puzzle mode on a cart. I get stuck on Level 4 or 5. -_- Then I lose my password. Fun.


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  1. You know the fact that Nintendo decided to rebrand Lip’s poor game into a Yoshi game really makes me angry because if it wasn’t for that we would’ve gotten the english version of a Panel De Pon!!!!!

  2. I remember watching some letsplay on this game somewhere along the lines of more than half a century and I sit here now wondering why I have this swelling connection to a game that I never played…

  3. Tetris Attack is Panel de Pon in disguise. If Lip were in the base roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, she’d be in Yoshi’s Classic Mode character unlock column.


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