Tom Vasel takes a look at a fantasy game of building up you heroes and fighting monsters!

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  1. How much of the game mechanics are simple quantitative effects (ex. add +1 to your die roll) versus qualitative effect based (ex. stun monster and grant fear for the next 2 rounds).

    I tend to avoid games that are heavily invested in simple math based mechanics as the themes can feel pasted on, like if someone made a Star Trek version of Uno, and it feels lackluster if upgrading my Sword of Destruction to a Hammer of Desolation only actually means I go from adding +1 to my die roll to +2.

  2. I played this at Gencon this year, and it was definitely a bit meh. Some of the abilities and gear are unbalanced, and the game took too long. It's definitely trying too hard to be Diablo, but playing a game on the PC (where the machine can do all of the book keeping) doesn't necessarily translate directly to the tabletop.

  3. This looks good, but IMO it should be coop. I don't know how I feel about playing a euro on my character board, only to perform "roll to resolve" against enemies. Same reason I didn't care for the expansion to Roll Player.

  4. So essentially, the author decided to do a poor board version of Diablo by forcing players to handle all mathematical operations which were done by a computer. And it looks as boring as Diablo. Also, why is the game called Sanctum and why does it have demon horns on the cover?

  5. I think I will keep this game for now simply because I am pretty it was rushed to production (hence some of the negatives) but I bet soon we will see an expansion that fixes it…

  6. It's kinda weird that this game isn't coop specifically because it doesn't seem to have a lot of player interaction. Most hack'n'slash video games are coop.


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