The U28D590D or 590D for short from Samsung is the monitor that’s bringing 4K into the realm of affordability for desktop users. It’s 28″, boasts 1ms GTG pixel response times, and support for 1B colors… But is it really as perfect as it seems??

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  1. Just bought this year – 2020. Its a nice UHD 10 bit monitor on a budget. The color can be much better if I can only apply the nvidia color settings using the nvidia control panel, but its not working. Its an issue with Nvidia not the monitor.

  2. I have this monitor. It's doing great for my gaming. I have a triple monitor setup (about to) with 2 macks as #2, and #3 and my main is the U28D590D monitor. It's doing great. I looked on amazon and it was pricy. But it has thin bezels, Big screen, and the DisplayPort comes in with the package. Though, my monitor doesn't tilt (which I rarely use)

  3. Linus, I would find it commendable if you could answer that question about this monitor in particular.

    I was wondering: it is totally safe to reduce the resolution from 4k to 2k and double the fps from 60hz to 120hz?

  4. Hello Linus Tech well i have this for i think 5years already? not sure bought it when there wasnt exactly 4K monitors so today G-Sync is accepting Freesync monitors… i using DisplayPort 1.2 on this but this little peace dont give me option in menu of monitor… using default DP cable from samsung even custom one its same… GTX 1080 g1 gaming newest driver any idea? thanks

  5. Should would be nice if you could SLOW DOWN when talking. Your voice is high and you talk WAY TOO FAST for most of us to understand what you are saying….no doubt you know your stuff……BUT………I had to re-watch this several times to catch what you are saying.

  6. Problem with this it has fake HDR called standing mode and it makes things impossible to see in the shadows in cod. Without this mode you get a 8bit display where colors seem to blend and make it hard to see players but its still 4K. Some real HDR1000 would be nice.

  7. I've got the Samsung U28E590 4K monitor since May 2015 bought it for £300 from Alza a Czech Republic online store that delivered it here in the UK. More or a less been using it 5 years now. It's awesome. Only side effect is that firstly it is 60hz refresh rate and it can't do 10-bit colour with FreeSync On! When turning FreeSync monitor reverts to 8-bit colour. Anyway, it can do 75hz refresh rate at lower resolutions like 1280×720. Also since upgrading to Windows 10 from 8.1 last year it fails to do 10-bit colour at 2560×1440 or 1920×1080 resolution. Only at 4K it is 10-bit, the setting reverts back to 8-bit on 2K and 1080P, seems to be Windows 10 related.

    The display port cable that came was causing flickering issues in 640×480 and 800×600 resolutions. I had to buy a new Display Port cable to fix that. I manage to play FIFA at 4K 60 fps perfectly on this monitor using GTX 960 4GB and Dead Space and a few other games run fine at 4K. More demanding games I run at lower resolutions.

    But 4K youtube videos look awesome. If I had to buy a monitor now I would go for a 2K 144hz or 240hz display. Back then I wasn't too familiar with 100+hz refresh rate and was too attracted by the 4K look. I guess, if I am being honest 2K at 144hz is a better option than 4K 60hz. Plus there's not a big difference in visual quality between 2K and 4K, almost impossible to notice.

  8. I just got this a few weeks ago for $220 US open box from MicroCenter.. It is the UE590d version that has FreeSync.. I don't do much gaming, but use it for animation and graphic design.. It seems pretty good so far

  9. Can someone tell me how 1080p anime would look on this? I want a 4k monitor for my PC, but I'll still be watching my media at 1080p mostly until MORE 4k becomes readily available.

    But the thing I watch the most is 1080p anime, hence my weird question.


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