Just before the Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite – Welcome to my early Review of the Cameras, video quality, specs, features and more!

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  1. A lot of people have pointed out that the next Galaxy S phones will be the S20. I'm aware, and this is looking likely, I just didn't want to make a potentially confusing video more confusing for people who didnt hear about this, so I've referred to them as the S11 phones.

    After watching the video, which one would YOU pick between the two?
    To take a look at the new OnePlus smartphone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVWugcxIxXY

  2. In Denmark the Note 10 Lite is less than 10% more expensive than the A71 and it is the same price as the iPhone SE 2020. It's basically the go to midrange phone.

  3. I regretted buying this. The back easily gets scratch marks! Like if you have a calloused finger,you will scratch it. I didn't mix it with my other items,but it has scratches already,on my 1st day! Another complaint is the battery life. My old Honor 8x gets charge before I sleep,with few hours playing,and using. This phone? From 100% to 95% without doing anything and while even using battery saver, even lower the screen to 10%

  4. I wish the S10 Lite came a year earlier because my S10e doesn't have an on screen fingerprint and that is what i got on my &%th birthday (cant confirm age due to privacy)

  5. If i need kind of a flagship – midrange i would just go with budget

    Budget – cheaper and worse
    Mid range – not bad not expensive
    High end – 50 •/• midrange and 50 •/• flagship
    Flagship – wasted all my pocket money on a really good amazing and the best phone yet !!!

  6. I think the strategy is more that they want to get the people who want to wait for the next generation to buy the last generation for cheap. When these people roll around samsung drops a brand new phone with the light suffix to get them to buy these instead of maybe used ones


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