Samsung One UI: Customize your Lockscreen!

Samsung One UI: Customize your Lockscreen!

Samsung One UI: Customize your Lockscreen!

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In this short video i will teach you how to customize your lockscreen if you are running Samsung One ui

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  3. I saw your location Mitrovica it seems you live in albania

  4. Can we use in india

  5. Song plz

  6. Can you upload video about Samsung a70

  7. este aplicativo da para estalar no galaxy s8

  8. Installed Good lock Nice Lock Fine Lock still doesn't work because of the new update. Why Samsung, why??? 😒😒😒

  9. Which handset of samsung?

  10. Ive got the s10 aswell but i live in europe and my phone isnt updating? Is it bc its faster on dofferent carriers?

  11. is that a missing after effects plugin in your intro? 🤣😊

  12. Where is that wallpaper?

  13. I didn't know I could do that . Thanks for sharing

  14. Been dere done dat one ui is boss fuck ios and stock android samsung knight here⚔⚔

  15. Let us put our flashlight there you bitches

  16. One ui is better than any other ui

  17. Ask for your wallpaper please

  18. doens't work on my s10 plus…it said im not in the region then i tried uodating and it said there is another update…how to fix it I really need this

  19. We are not able to download samsung lock star and other modules in India with Nice lock also.

  20. Hi, is there anyway to change the location of notification icons ? Because under the area for unlocking is pretty messy. Thanks.

  21. Phone Model please

  22. Is it available for s9plus

  23. Background music?

  24. Song name please?

  25. This page is mkbhd rip off video entrance

  26. Super channel ❤

  27. Is this OneUi 2.0?

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