Samsung’s gorgeous, top of the line KS9800 is a full array local dimming LED 4K UHD TV that delivers deep blacks, HDR – High Dynamic Range and WCG – Wide Color Gamut.

In most respects, Samsung’s KS9800 is the finest TV the company has made so far. The picture leaps off the screen with vibrancy and amazing contrast thanks to it’s use of HDR. It’s a bright panel, ideal for use in a bright room.

Viewing angle is a different story. If you move off axis away from the center of the screen the picture loses much of its contrast and some of the color. For viewers sitting front and center it’s great, but move off to the side by even 5 feet and you’re looking at an entirely different picture.

For more read the full review by DT’s Caleb Denison:







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  1. 3:20 exactly I had a 940D which is a 75 inch FALD sony TV. Great TV btw. And an OLED65E6. The OLED blows it away. Size didnt even matter after the real life comparison. The OLED left it in the dust. 940D went to another home. OLED is the KING when it comes to pure picture. Since then I was afraid of bringing the Z9D home. lol

  2. So you're saying that the Flagship Full Array Backlit tv from Samsung has worse black levels and shadow details than an Edge-lit non flagship tv from Sony ?!?!? then what bout the X940D and Z9D which are better than the X930D? I don't believe this one bit that Samsung is so far behind the game than Sony. I'm pretty sure you just didn't calibrate the Samsung properly.

  3. WARNING! This tool is a hypocrite. Never trust someone who gets tv's for free from different company's and uses them for less than a day. Oh, I forgot to mention he has to ship them back.

  4. what is the input lag on the ks9800 in game mode? is this worth paying more than the UN65JU7500? Display lag com list that as the fastest samsung tied with a few sony's at 17 ms .

  5. LG oled B6,c6,E6,and signature best 4K support both HDR10 and DOLBY VISION The CES SAYS THAT LG OLED 4K tvs can not beat so fuck the Samsung piece of shit it just cost 1900 but the LG oled its cost more than 8000$ 😂😂

  6. i own an LG 55UH8500 4K 3D HDR IPS panel Smart TV and the viewing angles are just amazing, no matter where i stand or sit it still look the same no picture quality or color lost either. plus it supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. the 3D works great as well which turns anything 2D into 3D


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