The Samsung KS9800 is ther Ultimate Curved 4K SUHD Picture powered by the Quantum Dot Color Drive Fires off a billion more colors than HD TVs for a lifelike picture unlike anything else
More than just pitch black, get the best shades of black with Triple Black Technology. Never miss a detail in the dark. Experience the full vibrancy of your favorite TV Shows and entertainment with superior Full Array Backlighting
Samsung KS9800:

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  1. Shitty review! U reviews top of the line tv and haven’t told us main difference between 8000series. All I heard is great tv that’s all. So I guess there’s no difference other then the price

  2. Is it just me I can't stand when they review a TV and go on and on about the Smart TV features and game mode who gives a shit if I'm going to get a 78-inch 9800 I want picture quality review and how will upscales from low definition TV I got my iMac 5K 4 games who cares review for picture quality top priority please

  3. you only talk about 4k hdr gameing, 4k, hdr, and gaming, 4k hdr, and gaming. can the tv do any else? what about black levels when watching regular tv shows and movies. people are not going to watch 4k, hdr, and gaming all day and all night. you had netifix open you could have played a hd movie to show black level performances and colors.
    all 4k movies and games will look great!
    what about regular tv shows?
    espn shows?
    regular tv movies?
    watching the news?
    live football game?
    basketball games?
    do a real review bro?

  4. Hi I'm looking to get a new 65inch tv my budget is about £3,000 I'm leaning more to the ue65ks9500 (uk) Samsung flagship tv but still deciding on lg oled b6 I've herd oled suffers screen retention I'd be using for films football & gaming also herd input lag is big on oled any advice is the ue65ks9500 really as good as it sounds?

  5. Trying to decide between ks9000 or ks9500 (ks9800) is the ks9500 really worth the extra £700 compared to ks9000 I have a js9000 at the moment 55inch & want 65inch bit worried with ks9000 herd backlight issues blacks not great so does ks9500 solve these issues

  6. HDR+ has nothing to do with HDR. It's a filter to mimic HDR that has gives you terrible input lag because you're not in game mode. Cmon, spend $4k on a TV and not know how to use it smh…

  7. I've had two of these now, one had 5 green stuck pixels and the other had flashing vertical lines down the right side when you activated game mode, what a pile of crap for so much money. Swapped it now for the Sony Z9D and it's SO much better.

  8. You did a review on the tv I own, the Lg5c559300 and I've only just discovered the 3-d on it. I'm blown away, I actually took back my js9700 for the Lg because I thought the oled was just better every time I kept going back to look at the 2. I know this tv is amazing, however the new 4K Lg oled still beats the Samsung out in my opinion


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