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The best thermal paste for laptop:

screwdrivers set:
spudgers set:
screwdrivers set:
spudgers set:
screwdrivers set:
spudgers set:

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    battery for replace:
    screwdrivers set:
    spudgers set :
    battery for replace: – USA, – UK
    screwdrivers set: – USA, – UK
    spudgers set : – USA, – UK

    * ENG *
    To disassemble laptop base things you need is screwdriver and spudger (tool used to separate plastic components without causing damage). Battery for this laptop is SP3770E1H.
    If you need something of this entire stuff, you can check links above.

    * РУ *
    Основные инструменты, необходимые для разборки ноутбука, это отвертка и спаджер (инструмент для расщёлкивания пластиковых частей корпуса, без их повреждения).
    Если Вам необходимо что-либо из этого можете воспользоваться ссылками выше.

  2. i see I get a message trying to get LINE to work. Says– cannot connect to server but all other sites work find. Android 4.4.2. HELP . NOT seeing internet connection when I"m on Good wifi.

  3. You talk so much. But, I didn't understand what you say. On the title of your video, you said, "disassembly". It is evidently, if you replace the battery. By disassembly, I understand, you disassemble all Tablet note 8. Bad Video, Anywhere Thank you.


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