Samsung Galaxy mega 5.8 Unboxing and hands on Overview, the Mega 5.8 is a dual sim phablet from Samsung sporting a 5.8 inch screen it has a 8 MP rear facing camera and comes with Android 4.2 Jelly bean and I give you an hands on first impression for the Mega 5.8

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

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  1. Hi Ranjit
    I want a real Help from you, i always watch your review vedios of mobiles.i was impressed in Galaxy S Plus and i bought it 2011 Dec 31st.i am phasing lot of issues for last two i want to change the bord and still they saying that will not sufficient.will be have problem in coming days.PLEASE HELP ME TO PICK A NEW MOBILE
    Price:15k to 20k
    softwr: android or iOS
    expectation: smooth flow while use,speed to use,and good to use Internet
    Please suggest me the best one

  2. Hello ranjit,
    So here is the problem i have also the same galaxy mega 5.8 and it is really good and i have played best games and it worked very smoothly but the problem is that when i play nfs mostwanted in my device the game slightly lags(Not much)But my friends galaxy mega 5.8 doesn't lags at all and works smoothly.
    Another problem is that when a call comes while i play nfs mostwanted the device stops and does not respond.I have downloaded that game from my pc and not from the play store.

  3. do you have any idea that when the hell samsung would change thair they are leading brand in nowdays i think they seriously change the looks of the handset.another big ques is that storage.buying a phone for 23k never worth lest 16g on the board rather we could not expand the storage thats much better.what a marketing to se those memory cards.


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