Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 6” Android phone on AT&T. The second generation Mega is yet another affordable phablet with a big screen, full Samsung TouchWiz apps and features and a midrange price tag. It has a 6”, 720 x 1280 LCD display and it runs on the 1.5GHz Exynos 4415 quad core with MALI-400 graphics and 1.5 gigs of RAM. The phone runs Android KitKat 4.4.4 and it has 16 gigs of internal storage plus a microSD card slot. Voice quality is good and the Mega 2 has LTE 4G with good data speeds. Other features include dual band WiFi 802.11n, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and a removable 2800 mAh battery. AT&T sells it for $149 on contract and $475 full retail.


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  1. The reason why they started curving phones is because they have seen a silly trend where people will put their phones in their back pockets. That is a silly trend and is what most likely the cause of the Apple Bend Gate blitz.

  2. The Mega 2 is underrated in my opinion! I use my s6 edge, but I also use my Mega 2 as a small TV. Yes I also use it as a phone, but primarily as a SUB and video use. I have it loaded with music and videos , so it serves as an entertainment device more so than anything. From all my big devices consisting of the Note 3, Note 4 and LG G3, the Mega 2 is the only one that I've kept.


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