Discover how to install and use a Samsung Digital Door Lock.
Step 1 – Samsung SHS-1321 on Amazon ➜
Step 2 – Door Lock Installation (at 9:40min)
Step 3 – Door Lock Programming (at 15:50min)

The SHS-1321 is a smart lock from the Samsung EZON line. It features keycode access via a touchpad and or RFID cards.

• Additional RFID keys on Amazon ➜
• Additional RFID keys on eBay ➜

The video is intended to help you learn more about digital home security.

Consumer grade products like this are primarily designed for ease of use, and to provide an additional layer of security.

In my opinion, they are very nice, affordable and convenient locks.



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  1. i have a problem with mine. it doesn't open even if i entered the correct password and used the rfid. the lock dont move. i already use 9v battery but still no luck on opening it. do you know how to trouble shoot it?

  2. Nope this thing looks so tacky. Do they not have normal deadbolts in Korea? I mean I guess I don't see the purpose of this except to maybe add an additional layer of security to an existing deadbolt or maybe use it for an interior door but one good kick and this thing would fly off the door.

  3. My code lock work for 7!!! years on 4×1.5V bat-s.

    Made in Ukraine at Military Factory.

    Used in Ukrainian AirPorts, SBU, MinFin, Police, Commercial and other Government Buildings.

    The capabilities of the door lock allow you to:

    -securely lock the doors with a patented crossbar system;

    -type and change the code so that even a nearby observer will not see the code you are typing;

    -connect the lock to the alarm;

    -control battery discharge;

    -save codes in the absence of power for at least 50 years;

    -open the lock remotely (via two wires);

    -put the lock in the OPEN mode “open day”) or the SHUT mode (“locked from the inside”);

    -open the lock (according to your code) when the batteries are completely discharged.


    -The number of digits in the code, min 1 / max 8 ;

    -The number of digits in the master code, min 1 / max 10 ;

    -The number of code combinations 11111111110 ;

    -The number of independent key codes 1 + 24 ;

    -Number of operating modes "OPEN", "NORM", "SHUT" ;

    -Power supply voltage, V (4 AA elements ) 6.0 V ;

    -Voltage of external (emergency) power supply, 7 – 14 V ;

    -Voltage of continuous operation of the lock without changing batteries (with the number of input-output cycles – 50 per day), minimum 36 months ;

    -Door thickness, mm, min 30/ max 70 ;

    -Number of attempts to select a code before blocking the controller are 4.

    Price 300$

    + Shipping to USACANADAMEXICOBRASIL, EUROPE, JAPAN, CHINA, other countries.

    We will translate Instruction manual to your language.

    Paper template for door mounting.

    Mounting on both wood and metal doors, any direction.

    Crossbar system load of 500 kg minimum.

    Protected by patents and have awards.

    Contact me at

    Viber & WhatsUp +380950370108

    E-Mail :

    Skype : alexanderksua

  4. Is it possible to connect this lock to online sales channels (airbnb, booking) or to the channel manager software for short-term renters? Add & remove PIN codes via internet?


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