Samsung Curved Monitor Unboxing | Samsung LC24F390

Samsung Curved Monitor Unboxing | Samsung LC24F390

Planning to buy a new monitor but on a budget? Consider watching this video to learn more.

This is the SAMSUNG LC24F390. A Full HD curved Monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 4 ms. The monitor features its 18000R curve display making it immersive when watching movies or playing games.

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  1. If ever you are wondering how you can increase the refresh rate. I made a video about in my channel. Go ahead and check it out. Thanks for the support guys. 🙂

  2. Yo I bought speakers for this monitor but I can’t figure out how to unmute it 🤦🏼‍♂️ any help?

  3. Yo I bought speakers for this monitor but I can’t figure out how to unmute it 🤦🏼‍♂️ any help?

  4. Nice screen➙>>JustU.Faith/Samsung-24?唆 I thought the curved screen maybe a gimmick that works well when using two together. The only thing that lets these down is the stand. I would love to push the screens back a couple of inches but the stand extruded too far.

  5. Does this include an hdmi cable in the box?

  6. Great unboxing thanks for the help !!!

  7. thanks bro this vid was so helpful

  8. Do you need AMD for it to sync or can you use NVIDIA also?

  9. There is no speakers?

  10. i cheak this after i bought new pc has i 3 gen3 ram 8 gb gtx 950 with this monitor onpy 270$

  11. Magkano yan?

  12. Just an update . You can increase the refresh rate of this monitor to 71Hz or 72Hz

  13. Great unboxing! have you noticed any backlight bleeding? I've noticed a lot of reviews complain about that

  14. Is 60fps available on this monitor? Thanks

  15. Hi! Do you know if the display is Glossy or Matte? Thanks.

  16. this monitor support amd sync bro?

  17. What is the native resolution on this monitor? Btw great video/unboxing!

  18. Reza arap

  19. Yow. What is the best settings for gaming? (For that monitor)

  20. Nice Unboxing Bro

  21. Can you remove the stand from the monitor? Because i want to mount it on my wall

  22. Would it look good with a dual monitor set up?

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