In this video I initially unbox the 23.6″ curved LC24F390 and then review it after using it for about 6 continuous days. After my testing I personally feel that this is an awesome monitor which Samsung is offering in the market for a price of about 10,000 INR. I discuss about the i/o, overall viewing experience, build quality along with other important aspects of the monitor.

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  1. The worst monitor ever!

    I bought 3 such monitors and the 3 were different from each other!

    And yes, i try to color calibrate but never i can't to be close about the colors… Samsung say: what do you expect that is the cheapest model!

    Fortunately, based on the law I managed to return them!

    I recomend stay away about this model

  2. I was looking for a good monitor to play games and not to spend too much⤇>JustU.Faith/Samsung24?輯 i was curious about having a curved monitor and this surprised me i was very pleased and as a gamer im happy because it comes with a game mode that makes the colors very bright and it just looks awesome in games with good graphics, another surprise that i had is that i could make it refresh to 72hz with my video card so it was an upgrade for sure

  3. Hello my friend.. i like your video 👍 i have a question for u.. answer to me.. i have Samsung DeX Pad.. will it works good on Samsung Dex Pad ? Samsung have speakers on back sides or not ? I ll wait for answer.. thanks

  4. Not a good monitor..
    Lots of screen bleeding issues. Might be good for gaming and movies since its curved but it is not at all good for video editing..
    Also picture clarity is not as good as IPS panel. This monitor is VA panel.
    The only advantage is 24inch curved.
    At this price range you can get lots of better options.

  5. It is good for gaming. But should I go for a flat one for web development? Are the windows in odd shape instead of a perfect square? What about excel sheet cells?

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