Samsung 40KU6072 KU6000 UHD TV settings after calibration for watching SDR movies on Blu-ray, streaming etc.

Calibration done using SpectraCal CalMAN v5 Ultimate for Business, SpectraCal C6 colorimeter and VideoForge Classic HDMI pattern generator (feeding 1080p60 YPrPb signal over HDMI).

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  1. Hello Darko, Do u think those setting can work for playing in HDR with a PS4 Pro better than other video setting in a gaming mode? I'm just trying to fit the more value between quality and gameplay in ultimate generation game like The Last Of Us Part Two. Thank you and very good work with your channel!

  2. Hey Darko, I own a Samsung KU6000 I watch it only in a dark room. I can't set HDR/Dolby Vision, it's always gray-ish. Below I wish you could analyze my settings and suggest any changes fot HDR Callibration with THX app. The HDR values below have been the most vivid ratio I've gotten from the TV. Any reply appreciated. Thanks!

    Backlight 20
    Brightness 44
    Contrast 100
    Sharpness 0
    Color 50
    Tint 50/50
    AutoM Plus Judder Auto
    Dynamic Contrast Medium
    Color Tone Standard
    White Balance Factory Settings
    Gamma +3
    Color Space Native

  3. Hi! I have the 43ku6000 model and i would like to calibrate it! I suppose this video is more than enough ? But I want to use the tv for movies and gaming !! I saw and your other video about gaming, but i would like to ask you what i have to do to use both things??


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