Review of Samsung 40-inch 40KU6072 (KU6000 series) Ultra HD TV with Tizen OS.

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  1. Koji smart daljinski odgovara ovom modelu? Samsung Srbija kaže da se sa ovom serijom ne može povezati smart daljinski (jer navodno nema bluetooth) sto je apsurd jer moja sestra ima model star 3 godine koji ima smart daljinski a tv naravno nema bluetooth. Samsung servis kaže drugačije, da ipak postoji smart daljinski za njega. Da li je neko imao ovo iskustvo?

  2. Bok Darko, hvala za review. Trenutno se ovaj model prodaje po cijeni od 3600kn s popustima. Ne želim opet Tv koji ima malu iluminaciju kao sadašnji SONY pa tražim preporuku. Da li je ovaj model best buy za uloženo/dobiveno? i drugo pitanje, ima li koji drugi proizvođač da uzima panele od samsunga ali je jeftiniji? nije mi bitan brend nego samo kvaliteta. Hvala!

  3. Hi Darko. Thanks for the review. I have a question.. I just bought this TV in India.. And I can only see as many as 35 apps in the smart hub.. Also barely 2-3 games in the list for download. Whereas, usually TIZEN OS boasts of over 900 apps with a huge list of games listed. So, I wish to figure if this is it.. Or will my TV be updates eventually with many more apps. Thanks.

  4. Hi Darko, Thank you very much for your review. I want to buy a TV next week, just for watching standard TV broadcasts, 720p/1024p TV series and watching some content from USB.
    I am planning to go for 50" KU6000. Do you think I should buy a Full-HD TV instead? Or do you think even the most basic Ultra HD TV like this one is better than any Full HD TV? Again for the content I will be watching. Just normal TV and some 720/1024p.

  5. Hey Darko, thanks for your in depth review and calibration of what is now my brand new TV. Picked up the 55" version from JB Hi-Fi in Australia for $998 (it's just come down $500!!!). Standard seems so bright and blown out compared to the settings you provided. Just wondering how close these settings would be from panel to panel and also from your 40" to my 55". Also, how do I find out what type of panel was used in my particular TV? Cheers!!!

  6. This set has good image, but is way behing Sony 5 yr old LCD with more features such as coming on from Stby when you set a reminder in the guide.
    Subtitle acces is a nightmare to access (no on-off button has to be done thru menu system) easy on the Sony.
    NO bluetooth either, but then the Sony never had BT. Yeah still kept the Sony.

  7. Hi, I am Antonino from Italy.

    I am really interested in buying an entry level 4k tv to use with game console and streaming with Netflix.

    An italian website has the 40ku6072 on sale for 368,10 EUR shipping included.

    From my research I found out that KU6300 = KU6000. So, it also should be KU6072 = KU6300 = KU6000.

    Could you confirm it or not?

    The panel, everything is the same as the KU6000 and KU6300?

    Obviously KU6072 is not an italian model number, but I am asking because I have read your review translated into italian and I would like to understand also if the review on of the 40KU6000 is useful for me and we are only speaking about different model number but actually same models.

    I also have read on your review that the peak brightness on this KU6072 is 300 nits, but on the rtings review we speak about > 440 nits.

    I am willing to make a choice, but does not know whether the KU6072 got same features as the KU6300.

    Hope you will reply soon.


  8. Hi, thank you for this review, and i really enjoy your settings for this series (i have the 55KU6070 from France).
    But i have a question, this french website who make a review of this series 6000 found that this TV have a PLS panel and not a VA panel ( ), what do you think of this review and of this fact (PLS instead of VA) ? thanks in advance and again, thank you for your work 🙂

  9. I have to get the ku6000 because it's 40inch minimum. the ks7000 is the one i want but it's too big for my room. So i want to ask, i only play games, so how is the input lag when hdr is turned on? and what is the best way to calibrate it for this mode with the lowest input lag? is the input lag still around 23ms when hdr is on?

  10. Hello I want to buy a good 4K TV with at least 100hz panel and with HDR and good picture and sound quality. 48 to 50 inches. Can you recommend some best options? Thank you!


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