Retro Game Plus | 2 Anniversary Edition Emulation Handheld

Retro Game Plus | 2 Anniversary Edition Emulation Handheld

Is this the Ultimate Portable Retro Game Handheld We are all waiting for ? Support for Sega, Arcade, GBA. PS1 and much more.

Where to buy ?
Retro Game / Q9 V2 –

Naughty Skipping:
Unboxing – 1:30
System Overview – 3:02
Menu Overview – 6:00
Mame Testing – 7:00
NES Testing – 8:25
GB / GBC Testing – 9:21
Game Gear Testing – 11:00
GBA Testing – 11:41
Atari Lynx – 13:32
PS1 Testing – 15:20
Sega Megadrive – 17:12
Pokemon Mini Testing – 18:50
Sega Master System Testing – 19:24
PC Engine Testing – 20:54
SNES Testing – 22:18
Homebrew Testing – 23:07
Final Conclusion – 24:55

Where to find ?

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  1. Is this game system also available through Amazon?

  2. Another great hand held video

  3. I don’t understand how they make a new console with the old charging pin, what a disappointment 😢

  4. very satisfying video thanks for sharing! I hate when they talk nonsense for hours, we want to see the real test like you've done!!! great content!

  5. How to play on it

  6. Ok

  7. its the same as the rs-97 . that was a piece of shit

  8. dont ever use the av cables in these chinese handhelds , because plugging it in will fuck up the handheld

  9. Really nice handheld.

  10. Performance wise how does this one match up to the RG300 (IPS Screen Version)?

  11. Just wondering does it have ds games and pokemon games and if so does it save

  12. The original gameboy games do they run on full screen? Because they had a gameboy border round it making it look so small.

  13. My Sega and Nintendo games menu is in Chinese is there away to change it to english? Mr wicked 😀

  14. How is the screen compare to bittboy pocketgo's

  15. Screen protector, what a nice addition for this beautiful looking handheld.

  16. I've never wanted to watch someone do unboxing more. Ya win sir!

  17. Got one of these last week. Not as many games as the PAP KIII but really impressed with the PSX support and the feel of the thing in my hands.

  18. How does it play Streets of Rage on the Genesis? I heard not so good? Thanks

  19. It's so terrible IPS or TN 60Hz?

  20. Love it and you right need to change for hdmi

  21. Is the screen glass?

  22. I own it. My only issue is the Chinese and not knowing the games, but I like it. You can remove the shells so you can get a full screen.

  23. This looks dang good! And for 66 bucks, it's tempting. 🦄🦄🦄

  24. It wouldn't be a "Package From CHINA!" without the "toilet paper manuals". 🤣

  25. not much better than the previous Rs-97 … they are always games emulated on a small screen to look closely so already the old screen was doing a good job …

  26. I've just got this.. dunno how to add neo Geo games, or save PlayStation games. I'm a total newby

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