Renekton Top vs Mordekaiser – KR Challenger Patch 9.24

Renekton Top vs Mordekaiser – KR Challenger Patch 9.24

#Renekton Top played by M1 happy game, #KRChallenger 914 LP

More information:
– Runes: 00:18 (Conqueror)
– Damage dealt: 37:41
– Ability & Build: 37:30
– Skin: Hextech Renekton
– Match History:
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

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– Top:
– KR Challenger:

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  1. That tower dive at 8:50 is a iron play

  2. Se le acabo el early xd

  3. Gragas win top,no renekton

  4. 4:35 Challenger flash

  5. What a dumb crocodile

  6. Como le cancela la r xf

  7. Flash

  8. This Renekton honestly bad i don't think he knows how to play around his rage at all. Like I get it he's challenger but he just not a good Renekton in my eyes

  9. 4:47 how morde get stun?

  10. 04:47 the most "wtf" flash I have seen, a surprise to the enemy too for sure.

  11. Geez, these 2 are challenger….?

  12. Best flash

  13. Nothing makes me feels better than seeing Mordekaiser being killed by an crocodile

  14. Great videos as always 👍

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