How to Remanufacture Samsung ML-1640 ML-2240 MLT-D1082S Toner cartridge

Things needed:
– 90g Toner
– Isopropyl alcohol
– Chip
– Drum (if the drum of the cartridge is damaged)

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  1. Why do you replace the pcb with a new one? Is not it better to reprogram the existing chip (only if you need to do it!)? But why should not it work? I unmounted the empty toner of my laser printer, cleaned and in the process of reassembly. I enter the same pcb and once the black powder has been recharged it will be operational again to print.

  2. For Samsung 1640 ELA unit terminal removed, please tell me how to install it. After that my printer shows orange light and red light on then no working. Please tell me how to resolve this.

  3. i have same toner but u know earthing spring is available on blade and magnet touch ? this spring is important ml1610 toner?
    now i facing one side light printout. spring not available in the toner. pls tel me


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