Ranking the Best Hitman Games

Ranking the Best Hitman Games

Agent 47 has sneaking, disguising, and garroting since 2000 over the course of 7 mainline games and two mobile games, but which ones are the best?

The First 17 Minutes of Hitman 2:

Hitman 2 Review:

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  1. 3:26 Jabba the Human.

  2. Yes if they used the same soundtrack from blood money ( jesper kyd) to the new brand it would be #1 game.

  3. Hitman absolution is the best try change my mind

    You can't

  4. Blood money was the best hands down.

  5. Damn haha I dig the list

  6. I was going to buy a hitman game, blood money, or absolution, I knew one was supposed to be amazing and the other… but I couldn’t remember which was which, I picked blood money.

  7. Absolution was sooooo disappointing

  8. Ok so I started with Blood Money and basically got my pentacle

  9. hitman absolution is the best game

  10. Hitman silent assassin and absolution are godly.

  11. Personally For Me, It started with Contracts, But To me Blood Money & Hitman 1 & 2, then Contracts then everything else

  12. 1) Blood Money
    2) Silent Assassin
    3) Hitman (2016)
    4) Hitman 2 (2018)
    5) Contracts (Best atmosphere)
    6) Codename 47
    7) Absolution

  13. I have downloaded hitman absolution today

  14. Contracts and absolution were the best. New hitmans are more like Netflix episodes

  15. My favorite was absolution

  16. I definitely agree with Hitman seasons 1 & 2 being the top! The amount of contracts, elusive contracts, and all the levels combined in HITMAN 2 are just incredible! ❤

  17. Hitman absolution to be honest was my favorite the graphics were amazing for the 360 and playstation 3 at the time even looking better than some games today. The story was so great half the time it was almost like watching a extremely cinematic movie than playing an actual video game it was amazing and always will be

  18. Looks like your gonna have to update the list

  19. Hitman blood money was and is the best

  20. hitman absolution was best

  21. Reads video title
    "This is gonna be a lot of trouble in the comment section!"

  22. My ranking:
    1. Hitman 2016 and 2018
    2. Hitman silent assassin
    3. Hitman absolution
    4. Hitman blood money
    5. Hitman codename 47

  23. contract is my personal favourite

  24. San Andreas and contracts

  25. Hitman 2 and Contracts don't @ me

  26. To me blood money is best and absolution is the worst

  27. wow this guy sounds exactly like Nardwuar

  28. Anyone Codename 47 ?

  29. Hitman 2 is easily my favourite

  30. Absolution was the weakest and even that game is still amazing. Stealth games will always remain the only video games I waste time on, there's just something about feeling like an unstoppable serial killer especially with some alcohol on hand .

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