PS1 / Playstation Testing | Retro Game Plus 2 Anniversary Edition Emulation Handheld

PS1 / Playstation Testing | Retro Game Plus 2 Anniversary Edition Emulation Handheld

Is this the Ultimate Portable Retro Game Handheld We are all waiting for ? Support for Sega, Arcade, GBA. PS1 and much more.

Where to find ?
Retro Game / Q9 2 Year Anniversary –

Retro Game / Q9 V2 –

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  1. Come join the Wicked Gaming Channel –

  2. This one must suck too got rip off from there other Portland system don't trust them

  3. I love loading times…so retro…🤣😂

  4. It did a great job overall. Gran Turismo had problems but most of the games were fine.

    Hopefully next year they'll release an upgraded 3 Year Anniversary Edition. 😀 (Red, please. Red is my favourite colour). 😉

  5. i don't like ps1

  6. The design of the handheld is beautiful

  7. Decent

  8. Why not just get a Vita? You can play PS1 games, PSP, all emulators and remote play PS4 and it has dual analog sticks. You could just build your own Raspberry Pi, but the Vita is really the way to go.

  9. Yo soy fanático de la play uno juego olweys medievil el jersey débil los craachs el blasto el Hércules un like aergrntina 💳💳💳😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  10. That D-Pad looks stiffer than i do when i wake up in the morning!!!!

  11. HI, is there a firmware upgrade for this RG Q9 ? If yes, how do u do it? Thanks thanks thanks !!!!!!

  12. It looks like it runs a little better than the 300, but can get a PSP for the same price as this where PS1 games run on it without an issue. I gave up my 300 and don't plan on buying any handhelds or consoles from China.

  13. Now, this is what I wanted to see. How does the RG+2A fair with PS1! Fantastic review.

  14. Bloody Roar would lag on this.

  15. 2:20 Love the Family Guy reference. Road House.
    Really impressive system

  16. Nice to see how powerful these modern Chinese consoles are.

  17. I think the emulation is ok for a mobile device in that price range.

  18. just getting back form vaction and trying to catch up on your vids, and when i sen this one, I was like YES SIR MR WICKED !!!! I love them Handhelds !!!

  19. Is it recommandable only for GBA gaming ? Thanks 😃

  20. very nice handheld

  21. The more I see you play this handheld the more I want one.

  22. 2:22roadhouse!

  23. Can it play PlayStation 2 games?

  24. At the store, they have Nintendo lite. And the original sitting side by side . for a demo to plat. I have tried both of them to get a game to play. All I get is loading too. To this day I can't get a demo game to start. I get flustered and put it down . I have no issues with 3ds Nintendo. Maybe its just me?

  25. Looks like games play good. Some a little slow!

  26. Wicked, do you ever sleep? Damn you be busy lad.

  27. Hey Wicked Gamer can you tell me which handheld is the best for PS2 emulation?!

  28. Aswome PSX extended testing

  29. ? X-Men vs Street fighter has more frames than on its ps1 original..I didn't notice,thanks !

  30. I don't think I've even got past that first level in fighting force..gonna hammer it out later tonight methinks …

  31. Hint ! There is a button on the bottom edge that you can use to instantly switch on the console


  33. روعة شكرا لكم

  34. If you're not already overclocking, a little bit of overclocking would probably fix most of the performance issues. Especially for Marvel vs. Capcom which looks to be just on the line.

    Hit "select" at the menu screen to edit the PCXALL shortcut to raise and lower the CPU speed. You may be able to get as much as 100MHz improvement (700MHz+) out of this unit. If you're blocked from getting too high, go to the system settings and raise the maximum overclock.

  35. Is there a list of all the games included? Wondering if any of these PS1 games are included and also if they work smoothly with this handheld:
    Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back
    Crash Bandicoot Warped
    Crash Team Racing
    Crash Bash
    Bugs Bunny Lost In Time
    Tekken 3
    Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

  36. My lovely handheld machine, never check PS1 games on it. Very Interesting video 🙂

  37. I still think the blue/gold dragon design still is one of the best ever

  38. Nice selection of genres there, really shows the system.

  39. LOL. I wonder how many power sockets you have free at any given time? So many things to charge!

    Love Gran Turismo, I must have sunk sooo many hours into that and Ridge Racer back in the day.

  40. why does it sound like beating dogs? ^^

  41. Looks nice plays nice im in heaven 😊

  42. Nice review WG awesome content

  43. Cool vid wicked! Most of these games run pretty nice especially street fighter. This is a pretty nice handheld if you ask me

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