In this next video, MeatEater Wild Foods Contributor, Danielle Prewett from Wild & Whole breaks down how to grind your wild game meat using a Weston Meat Grinder.

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  1. I would try the smaller grinding bit first, if it's not working or it's jamming up then maybe start with the larger grinding bit first. If the meat is at the right consistency it has always worked on the smaller setting for me. Hopefully saving a bit of time. I also often grind all my venison at the end of the season, so it just means I have to time out the thaw so the meat is still semi frozen. Makes it easier if I can't get to grinding the meat right away and means there's only one day of set up and break down.

  2. Just to dispel a super common myth. You absolutely do NOT need to add any fat to your ground venison unless you just prefer that for taste. I make all sorts of dishes with my ground venison and it tastes great. When I make burgers, I just add an egg or two depending on portions and the meat stays together perfectly well. I try to only eat meat that I hunt/fish or raise myself so I tried it out of necessity and it seriously is not necessary to add fat.

  3. Some people charge a fortune to grind up your meat.. sometimes more than meat actually cost at the store after charging to wrap it up… Glad I found a man who will grind 100 lb for twenty bucks.. it takes his machine about 5 minutes..

  4. Meat 🍖 causes cancer ☠️ 51% cancer, and heart-attack and high blood pressure and….. Scientifically a fact. Vegans get 4% cancer, and that’s it. Dr Greger, ‘How not to Die’, lots of pictures, before and after ✅❤️👍, really interesting. YouTube this.
    Not supposed to eat meat. ✅❤️💪😬🦷🐒🐵🦍😉 killing our planet to.

  5. I've never been able to find a butcher who will sell me fat or suet. If they are a custom butcher they generally use all the stuff they produce and the grocery stores want me to be willing to buy a hundred pounds worth at a time for them to be willing to hold on to it. Even then they say most of their cuts come pretty lean.

    Because of that we often end up trying burgers in just a bit of oil and they come out fine.

    I do like the idea of the iced bowl. That's something I've never tried. Same with rechilling the meat after the first grind. I'll have to give that a try.

  6. try running a piece of bread or crackers through when you are finished for easy clean up. Also, I wash and dry all grinder parts after, and then also stick in oven on lowest setting with door cracked for 15 min to completely dry and coat with some "food safe" oil.

  7. I didn't know about making sure the meat was semi frozen when grinding (chuckles) . That explains why I always had a mess to clean up after. Love the informative videos, please keep them coming.

  8. Tip I saw on the bearded butcher is to use strips of meat makes it easier for the auger to pull the meat through. I have a hand crank and have been chunking it for years. Always having to push each piece in. Hoping the strips work better.


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