I always loved trying to navigate my way through a labyrinth when I was a kid, so I made one for my son this Christmas. This is a super easy woodworking project that anyone can make. Here’s a template to make your own:

Equip your woodworking shop for under $1,000:


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  1. I used your video to help me make a marble maze in the last few days of my Carpentry program at my college! I did my own design, and here's what I did: I did some garbage picking and found some nice pieces of 1×4, as well as some hardboard pieces for the playing surface and the landing surface. I put a rabbet on each end of two of the pieces and I put two dadoes in all 4 pieces. Having the bottom board thus raised up a bit allows the fingers to have a good grip while playing. I ripped the leftover bits of hardboard into strips for the maze walls, and used a spade bit to drill the holes for the maze as well as two retrieval holes. I found it's handy to have a hole in the sides of the game because that's where your hands are anyway, allowing a quicker retrieval, and it also gives you two options depending on whether you're left or right-handed. One of my classmates suggested that I make it so that you can flip the game over and do another maze. I wish I'd had time to do that, that was a great idea.

  2. this needed a small block for the ball so you can keep the ball from falling if you want to store it somewhere, or someplace you can store the ball like a pocket

  3. Hey Steve,
    Vijay from India… I've been watching your videos for quite a bit now, hours together 🙂 it never gets boring with you and your way of presenting… I really felt compelled to leave you this comment… I currently don't have the setup or the space to involve in woodworking, but watching you make things is really serving as a good stress relief for me… thanks a lot… Kudos…

  4. You are a genius! Have a very pedagogical and simple way to explain … but I do not understand much English as only I can barely translate my very basic knowledge of the language just a few ideas, projects are considered very well! Just ask a favor! Place Eng subtitles, especially in projects that deal with accessories and tools are fantastic!! please! Hahahahahaha! I send a cordial greeting from Argentina, my name is Gustavo! Thank you very much!

  5. Cool video, you a great intro, gave specific measurements, shows us exactly where to cut, a visual experience of how to use the tools, a visual experience of how the wood should look like and how to piece the wood together. But you kind of go off topic at certain time's, like talking about the weather, or about your previous video. Even when the labyrinth started to fall apart, you blew it off and continued working. This is a very easy woodwork to make and I am considering making it.

  6. Just so you know: I know how to scale things. The problem is that the ratio between the sides is different. (The A series I'm used to has a ratio of 1:√2 for easy scaling between the different sizes in the series.)

  7. The template is on some sort of wacky US paper format, right? How will it work on A4 paper? (Or any size in the A series, really, if you want to scale it up or down.)


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