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Lyons Arcade buys and sells classic arcade games and pinball machines in our showroom and shop in downtown Rock Hill, SC. We typically keep in stock between 40 and 50 arcade games and pinball machines, and from time to time have a jukebox or two for sale.

Our store is located at 139 Caldwell St., Rock Hill, SC 29730. We also function as a vintage video game store! We sell all the classic Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sony, and Microsoft games and systems.

Our videos on our channel are videos we shoot after finishing up our games for sale; we test play them and take pictures and video of how they turned out. We then use the pictures to advertise the games for sale, and upload the video to this channel on youtube!

What this means is that sometimes our videos show games that have actually already sold!


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  1. This thing was great!!!!. I wish I could find one. It's simple easy. Straight forward. And it's not extremely techy so it won't make your kids become a tv junky. It helped me understand numbers and letters. Very basic. It is actually great for kids with short attention spans, add,

  2. I grew up with this!!!!! Omg!!!! No way!!!
    I'm gunna go out on a limb and say this exact one was mine in 1989 cuz it got discolored from the sun like that and the controller on the right never fully went back in correctly like that ^ it got pushed in at the top left corner and would stick out at the bottom

  3. I'll cheerfully admit that playing this system is still a guilty pleasure for me at 30+ years old. I played the heck out of my cousin's when I was little, and then my parents bought me my own (and a brand new TV to go with it!) for Christmas a couple years later. I still think he's one of the cutest video game mascots. His movements and expressions are so adorable, especially how he claps when you draw something correctly on the Touch Pad games.

    The games may seem like they're designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and admittedly most of them are, but when you get up to like level 5 and 6 on the Math Problems activities, the problems can get pretty complicated. On the Multiplication chapter, it'll ask you to multiply two and three digit numbers. And that's not getting into the Facts 'n' Fractions cartridge that has you doing operations on mixed numbers.

  4. I had this growing up. Funny you said 4 or 5 because that's actually how old I was when I had it. I honestly enjoyed using it. I especially thought the little Socrates robot was adorable. It was very a useful educational tool for young children before the advent of the internet.

  5. I've been looking for years for this thing. I remembered a weirdly complex game system with a keyboard and art pad with a robot who taught music, math, etc. I was so little that my memory was vague… I'm so glad to see it was a real memory. Thank you for showing us this.

  6. I am considering getting my 7 year old a Texas Instruments TI-994A for basic and educational cartridges. Any opinion on a better choice for her?

  7. oh my god I thought there was NO WAY there would be a video about SOCRATES on YouTube, lol. I had one of these when I was 4 back in 1990. Wow, so crazy. Reminds me of when my parents were still together lol

  8. Never heard of this one. I had IBM blue screen as a kid with pac-man, DK, and tetris. In school we played Oregon trail. Then I got an NES and it was the coolest thing ever followed by SEGA genesis, Gameboy and SNES.

  9. Neat thing, never heard of it. I would like one for the talking feature only, I'm a sucker for speech synthesis. Is there a feature where you can type in stuff and just let it say it? Btw, V-Tech also had a "real" game system/pseudo-homecomputer back in the early 80s called Creativision.


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