A Pac-Man clone where you play as a set of teeth. Rather than a traditional maze, you traverse horizontal rows and pass through moving openings.

My first surprise was to see the name Sierra On-Line on a cartridge game, and then to see the name attached to an arcade style game rather than adventures like King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. I guess they did have a handful of them.

The music on the title screen is Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca.

What’s with the title? The label says Jawbreaker II, but in-game it’s just Jawbreaker.

Thanks to Justin for loaning me this one.

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  1. This, along with Parsec were the 1st two games I ever purchased for the 4A. Still play both regularly 35 years later (will be surprised if anyone knows what Red Dead Redemption II even was 35 years from now.)

  2. It is ironic how much more capable all of these home computers are compared to the 2600, yet Jawbreaker is much better on the Atari 2600. Sure the teeth are only one color, but it plays better and the screen area appears much larger compared to these massive, lazy sprites.

  3. There actually *was* a Jawbreaker I (obviously without the Roman numeral) for (if I remember correctly) the Atari 400/800 computers. It was pretty much a total Pac-Man clone, right down to the layout of the maze. I guess Sierra got cold feet (if not a C&D), because they pulled that from the market and replaced it with this version (with the moving walls).

    And yeah, Sierra did some arcade games early on, including most of the home computer ports of Frogger.


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