Jawbreaker! Geometry Dash Demon

Jawbreaker! Geometry Dash Demon

Blind Commentary: A Nine Circles demon made by ZenthicAlpha! Probably my favorite NC one so far. The wave is awesome! 😀
Successful attempt: 12:16

Song: Jawbreaker by Rukkus

Play the game yourself!

Geometry Dash is an amazing game, developed by Robert Topala and published by RobTop Games. You control a cube and need to get through a variety of different levels. There’s customizable characters, tons of gimmicks and a lot of secrets!

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  1. Undertale.definition.

  2. 4:10 “The little tiny bottom…” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Gg well done

  4. In my opinion jawbreakers first cube, ship and most importantly wave is harder than nine circles but nine circles is longer and has an extra cube part at the end

  5. 11:26 that is what happened to me

  6. no worries merg i have beaten 2 nc level but…. not jawbreaker… like this comment if you think i can beat jawbreaker since i was suffering from the wave. OH! also i cant even beat poltergeist! so Merg good for you i have not unleashed any powers.

  7. 0:57 he says it.

  8. Cringe alert10.42-10.50

  9. How do you not rage xd

  10. Moist

  11. Rubtop give you a powaaah to camplete jewbreaker

  12. Jawbreaker Is Fun

  13. So, I watch your videos for demons I do to see what to do in some parts, you make look so easy, so then I try and utterly fail…😓

  14. 10:39 he had a mental breakdown

  15. Play Erebus

  16. Cool dude

  17. I think The creAtor likes waving

  18. GG BROH

  19. You are awesome merg (∩_∩)

  20. hey merg! I made a level that used this exact same song!

  21. hi serponge

  22. That rage

  23. How the heck are you so good at duel wave! I suck at it.

  24. I've done 17 demons and trying this level. Wish me luck

  25. merg when u wined it,
    did it filled u with determination?

  26. Merg your the best sight reader I know

  27. 99999x easier than Nine Circles lel

  28. what nine circles levels should i play?

  29. x

  30. i love your icon,ship,ball,and wave <3

  31. Gg! ;D now do down bass, crimson clutter or sonic ship. Your choice ;))

  32. I got 88% and I believe in myself


  34. 69,996 views at the time I'm watching this.

  35. Jawbreaker is one of the most frustrating demons I have completed, I failed at least 50 times around 70% and quite a few times after… took me like 2.5k attempts and was my hardest demon at that time.

  36. this is like sonic wave but easyer

  37. such wow my friend 😉

  38. I beat this freaking level today with 2400 attempts!😌😌😌😌

  39. I died at 91%….. F*CKING GODDAMN SH*T!!!!

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