Processing a deer doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Having a few of the right tools will really speed up the process.

KitchenAid Meat Grinder:

Food Saver:

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  1. Stainless steel is over rated and bad for your knifes the worst thing to cut on and a wood cutting board hold less bacteria than the white Butcher top does it does not sound right but it is. Great set up so mole and effective.

  2. If you step up to a bowl lift or pro mixer you will have horsepower to spare. Those box store tilt heads aren't what that used to be 20+ years ago. I nuked two in 4 years. The second one blew up making butter from a quart of cream. Bowl lift – Pro line mixers are a while different animal. Last fall we did an honest 20 lbs of venison then added pork (2:1 ground pork blend) with the old hand crank in a pinch after the tilt head blew up. To make log style breakfast sausage. So anyone out there with their grandma's old grinder can get it done in a pinch… We ran the venison through kinda course, then mixed in the ground pork and sent it back through with the applicable cutter size thing. You don't need to spend big money. You just have to be patient and get it done.

  3. How to process deer :

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    Brush deer's head and fur.
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    Deer gets photos taken.
    Deer gets temporary license.
    Take deer to feed store and buy it alfalfa block.
    Take deer home and let it eat alfalfa to celebrate.
    Next day drive deer to car dealer.
    Dealer checks deer credit.
    Deer has no credit.
    You co sign for deer.
    Deer drives away with Prius with solar sun roof.
    Now you have to find deer a job to pay for car.
    Drive deer to Social Security.
    Deer gets assigned number.
    Gets special number D ONE, as they never had a deer apply before.
    Deer gets taken to petting zoo at nearby Santa's village.
    Deer gets job as head deer in zoo.
    11 months pass.
    Crisis at North Pole.
    One reindeer gets bad hay.
    Cannot make Christmas Eve trip.
    Deer asked to fill in for Santa's reindeer.
    Deer becomes famous.
    Signs movie contract.
    Movie comes out.
    Big hit.
    Deer gets rich.
    Gives you cut.
    Deer happy, moves into mansion and quits petting farm.
    Buys new 4×4 and brings in family.
    Movie sequels make billions.
    Deer set for life.
    Deer writes book.
    Best seller.
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    Sells millions of Blu Rays.
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  4. Food Saver – I have experienced a lot of problems with the Food Saver Vacuum Sealer. I don't use it on a regular basis and felt my first one didn't last as long as it should (heating strip burned out) . 2nd purchase (Apx. $90)…. The heating strip burned out within the warranty and finally got Food Saver to give me a new replacement. 3rd food saver, model V-3240…. This new machine turns the heating strip on twice. It heats and stops and then heats again. It seemed to work for awhile (on most things), but just tried it again and the heating strip doesn't seem to heat the bag enough to seal it. The jar vacuum sealing still works.

    So frustrating to spend money and it not last. I'm going to have to research and see what other vacuum sealers are on the market to see if I can find something better.

  5. Just an idea you may like your food saver and your looking to up grade a vacuum chamber sealer are about 500 yes I know it is a lot more money but instead of paying 50 cents for a bag for a food saver you only pay 3-6 cents a bag for a vacuum chamber michine so the bags are the savings. Saving 44-47 cent each bag will add up fast

  6. A piece of meat that a lot of people overlook when processing deer is the neck meat. Great for processing into burger. Has amazing taste. Not sure what it is about the neck meat…but it's my favorite for making into burger. Kinda hard to harvest if you are sending the neck and head out for mounting….which is why I have never done a full mount. I hunt for meat…not trophies. Can't eat antlers…but you can hand them on your wall without wasting precious meat.

  7. Once I started mixing my ground deer with 70/30 or 80/20 ground beef, my kids stopped complaining about eating ground deer. Run the deer thru the kitchen aid, then the ground beef, then run them thru together. I've seen some people mix as much as 50%/50%, although I don't do that much. Might help your wife like it more. 🙂

  8. Since you have the Kitchen Aid grinder ,check on the fruit strainer that attaches to the grinder ,makes juicing tomatoes a breeze ,also great for making applesauce . Plus the top tray attachment saves a lot of mess

  9. 2 questions if someone wants to enlighten a beginner here. At 4:48 what part of the deer is that? one of the hind quarters? And also, i had my backstraps from my first ever deer last year tenderized by the processor at an outdoors store. I really just was not that impressed with them. The butterfly technique looks interesting though. So how would you go about cooking them from that point on, once they are butterflied. Can you just grill them like they are, or do you need to tenderize them yourself?

  10. I ground a lot of meat with our Kitchen Aid mixer. Then I found out I could get gift cards with my airline miles (I travel way too much for work). Hello Cabela's 3/4 hp carnivore. It is easily 10x faster and with extra cold collars you can grind a really long time. So much nicer.
    Also, like another mentioned, the Cabela's 15" vacuum sealer is worth every penny. I killed 3 or 4 food savers. It was always some stupid part that you couldn't order. I searched for a sealer that I could buy parts for and that led me to the Cabela's version.

    Good video as always. I'm always happy to see how much enjoyment you get from being a good dad.

    Cheers, Mark

  11. What knives do you use to process the deer meat? Does one brand work better than others. Thanks a lot for showing that. I have never hunted anything but if you are going to homestead/off-grid/try to become more self-sufficient (you plus family) it would be a skill-set worth exploring. Love your and Dutch's channels!

  12. Great looking meat Daniel, and awesome job processing! Gotta love that food saver. I'll try the butterfly next time, I do those back straps thin, pound em with the tenderizer a minute, dredge them in flour, a little seasoning, a minute on each side and they taste amazing and are as tender as filet mignon. I add bacon scraps to the ground Deer, like your wife I'm not real fond of the taste. Thanks for this instructional video, you made it look super easy.

  13. That was so useful. Thank you for doing that. I've helped some with that process, but I never know quite how much to take off, and I worry about being wasteful. Is there a use for the trimmings – like add them to the bone broth or something? Or just feed the puppies?

  14. Pretty much the way i process one except for the buterfly chops. I just slice it thin to make bite size morsels. I also cut some of the less tender cuts for stew meat. grind the tough cuts and make jerky out of it. I don't add any fat to it so it is nice and lean. American harvest jerky works seasoning makes the best jerky from ground deer . I typically mix 50/50 deer and beef when i make chili. I have my own dedicated grinder( out of a school cafeteria, it would grind your arm off if you got it in it) and a deli meat slicer that came out of a restaurant. It may not be difficult but it is time consuming to clean all that meat up.

  15. Another selling point for the meat grinder: if you put bacon through it, it's perfect for frying into homemade bacon-bits. Best with slab or uncut bellies, but store-sliced works too.

  16. Use pork fat ground in your deer hamburger meat, makes the best meatloaf you've ever tasted…that was the first time I ever had deermeat. I wouldn't eat it because of being gamey taste. So a neighbor said to mix the pig fat in with the deer and oh my goodness that was the best tasting meatloaf iv have ever tasted…


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