How to Play Shopkins Shopping Cart Sprint!
Introducing Shopkins Shopping Cart Sprint game
Race around the board with your Shopkins character and collect friend cards as you go.
The first to collect five cards and make it back to their start/finish store wins!
Players begin the game by picking a shopping cart, Shopkins character and any friend card from the team sections laid out on the table.
Place the friend card into the slot at the back of your shopping cart and turn the cart so the front of the card faces you.
When placing a new friend card into your shopping cart, you must place it in front of the previous card. This new card will be the card you match to in the next round
Place your Shopkins character on the Start/Finish store space that matches the color of your shopping cart. The youngest player will start the game. After their turn, play will pass to the left.
On each turn, spin the spinner and move the full number of spaces shown moving clockwise around the board. Every space on the board counts as one space. This includes the bridges.
While moving along the board you can collect friend cards when you land on different pink spaces.
When you land on a “match” space you can try to match a friend card on the table to your friend card that you see in your shopping cart.
You can make matches based on the four characteristics; Letter, Rarity, Color and Team.
Sometimes you will be limited to finding a match within a specific team or using a certain characteristic depending on the space you land on.
For instance if you landed on “Match Homewares” you would need to find a friend card from that team that matches your card using one of the matching characteristics.
Using the ‘rarity” characteristic you could choose Zappy Microwave and place this new card in front of Melonie Pips in your shopping cart.
Another example is the space “Match Color.”
When you land on “Match Color” you can choose a friend card that matches any color from your Shopkins character except black. Silly Chilli and Melonie Pips character both have pink in them!
On the Shopkins “S” space you can choose any card that matches any characteristic of the card in your shopping cart.
Other spaces include “Borrow”, where you find a matching friend card from another players cart and place it into yours.
“Shuffle” where you can choose another card from your cart to be the card you match with.
and “Switch Carts.”
When you land on “Switch Carts” you can take another players shopping cart and give them yours. This also changes where your Start/Finish store will be at the end of the game.
After you have collected at least five friend cards you can start heading to your start/finish store while continuing to collect more friend cards on the way.
No matter what number you spin, you must stop on the space before the store space until your next turn.
If for some reason you do not have five character cards or have a different cart on your next turn you must continue to play or head to your new start/finish store.
If on your next turn you still have the same shopping cart and five friend cards you can move your character into the start/finish store and win the game!
Have fun playing and remember, Once you shop, you can’t stop!


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