Downloading music just got a whole lot easier, with more music to choose from! And now, you can directly download your Spotify playlist!

▶ Download the app (edit: link changed due to an issue with the newer versions, download this version below instead)

▶ Get Star Music Tag Editor (not necessary unless you’re downloading your Spotify playlist)

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  1. My G this app is good great video thanks like always. But tha shit is it ain't importing my shit from Spotify I don't know why. I have a Spotify account and a lot of Playlists but it ain't showing me nothing when I log in to import

  2. You could also just copy the link of the video/music you want from youtube and then go to google and search up Mp3. Click the first link and then copy the link you just downloaded(copied) from youtube to the url box once you've done that then your good to go. DONT FORGET TO CLICK DOWNLOAD THO

  3. I don't know how you could recommend this song for downloading or easy, it is very hard to maneuver around, everywhere I touch it starts loading, the app works it is just that I seems to take a while unlike what was promised

  4. The audiomack tutorial worked like a charm. A lot depends on the type of phone you have.. and a person might have to play around with a combination of apps and file Managers to get what works with their phone or tablet! Just saying….😏


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