How to Avoid a Sagging Middle

How to Avoid a Sagging Middle

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  1. Vivien: literally I can see you

    Me:(instantaneously clicks of the video)

  2. I have a question, is it normal to feel like all the ideas that popping on your mind are too cliche?

  3. Hi Vivian, useful video. Examples really add to your advice points. I seem to have both a saggy AND overly complex middle, the latter problem being my response to the former problem. I think your “edit the crap out if it” advice is where I need to go. Anyway, keep the advice coming.

  4. Hi Vivien. Found your channel a few weeks ago and have been binge watching ever since! I find your advice helpful and it has inspired me to return to working on my own first novel. Not sure if you have done this video before, but could you do one on novel genres? How to determine which genre a novel might fall into or a list of the different genres our there? Also, keep up the great work producing these videos👍

  5. I'm working on a magic/medival/mystery novel.any advise

  6. I really love the Advice Vivien, and love watching your Videos just to see what you have to say next.

  7. I defiantly saved to my Watch Later queue your Advice For Young Writers. I scrolled down and was confronted with this hard, or should I say, soft, truth. Fine, I’m old and have a comfortable midsection.

  8. From the title, I thought this was a keto related video.

  9. why u looke like lored

  10. love your channel
    your advice almost always apply to me
    keep up up the good work

  11. Awesome! Definitely, the middle of the story, is where the plot starts forming, and all the obstacles & complications develop, so it should keep the readers at the edge of their seat & not bored!

  12. Just cut off the middle part of your story, and the problem is solved!

  13. Great video! I think escalation is the best answer to this question. You escalate the conflict by putting more and more conflict before your main character. It doesn't have to be physical obsticles. Conflict can be anything, but it needs to get harder and harder for the character to reach their goal.

  14. Great tips! I have to work on the middle during this editing phase so this will help a lot!

  15. Looking forward to see your video on tension!

  16. Thanks, this was indeed very helpful! If I may add an additional suggestion for middles: Add an intriguing and memorable character who shakes up the story. Two classic examples: The character of Gollum in "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings," who comes in around the middle and transforms these so far fairly conventional adventure yarns into something profound and disturbing. Also, R.L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island," where the character Ben Gunn appears and makes the story far more vivid and memorable than it would otherwise have been. This method works just as well in modern stories.

  17. love your writing advice videos, i don't think i would have finished my first draft without them!

  18. Just watched a scene clip of the red wedding and uh yeah that’s very red and yet another reason I can’t watch that show.

  19. Very good sister

  20. I recently decided to combine what was going to be two volumes together. The first "volume" had a sudden downer ending (protagonist goes back to old ways and therefore fails) but I was really struggling to find a way to make it a satisfying ending for a book anyways, so instead it's basically the halfway point.

  21. Thank you so much! This video was one of the best! on my last project, I got halfway, (Yay!) and it got really boring really fast. Boring for the characters, boring for the readers and boring for me. I recognized the fact that it was boring, but didn't know exactly why. So yeah, this just answered every question I had. Thanks!

  22. Conflicting relationships

  23. What are your thoughts on ACX or Findaway Voices for audiobooks?

  24. YAY! A new video! How's the latest WIP going? <3
    Are you Nanowrimo-ing this Nov?

  25. Definitely good advice, the middle so often gets overlooked, and I hate discovering when I'm reaching the end of a story, that the middle needs fixing

  26. girl i missed your videos

  27. This is definitely one of those videos I'll keep coming back to. Amazing advice, Vivien!

  28. Your videos help me so much! Thank you.

  29. 0:02 Got it. No need to watch the rest of the video; I'll just make my characters do crunches all the time. This makes sense: Bruce lee did crunches constantly, and he was the epitome of awesome.

  30. This video came just at the right time. I‘m currently figguring out the missing middle of my novel and trying to connect the climax with it. If I get this middle fixed, my outline is complete! :O
    I‘m so excited, thank you for the helpful advice!^^

  31. are you writing any more books now?
    I'm writing dystopian/fantasy. 😀

  32. Hi Vivien, love your channel!
    You've said before that you were an engineer. As a fellow engineer/fiction writer, I wanted to know in what field are you working or what was your major? I am a mechanical engineer

  33. OMGoddness, "red wedding"…it was an angry crying moment, equivalent to Dumbledore falling from the tower. GoT was a great comparison! 🙂

  34. I don’t get the opening video did you say ab workout

  35. Vivien Reis you really always one of a favorite friend

  36. “I can see you.” 😂

  37. I need to plan more on my stories:/ outlining takes forever but worth it!

  38. The 11:11 time duration is so satisfying

  39. Awesome advice Vivien! I am both editing and drafting right now… 😅 My current WIP draft was plotted and I am confident the middle will be at least okay once I am done with it, whereas the middle of the WIP I am editing (which I pantsed) is HORRID. I still love pantsing though haha.

  40. You need to post more 🙁

  41. Hey Vivien,I am an Indian and I have written a book of American origin.Now I am confused,should I visit America and go for classic publishing or should I go for self publish it on Amazon.I am pretty confident about my story.but I am also short on funds so😅 plz help!
    BTW love your videos.😍

  42. I was super confused at first I was thinking dirty.

  43. ive missed your videos so much

  44. Plotter for life! Some great advice. I'm not completely sure how, but I've been interested in doing a visual abstraction of the outline. Along the lines of Drawing your life in those Patti Dombrowski Ted talks. I wonder if the more vectors we contemplate our plots the better we can perceive the story.

  45. Omg the thumbnail 😂 in german mushy means vagina and i was CONFUSED af!

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