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  1. Er war einfach so talentiert… zudem noch so bodenständig gegenüber fremden Leuten. Sein letztes Album zeigt seine Verzweiflung, Traurigkeit und Rufe nach Hilfe.. 999

  2. crazy that he is literally saying he's so scared of the weed laws at the beginning and customs… literally so sad to think this was his fear and he was only acting out of fear. RIP JUICE. 999 FOREVER #LLJW

  3. Ah yes, a man of culture.

    Escape the Fate? Old school ETF at that, one of their best albums they ever put out

    I’m loving these rappers being inspired by old emo music and sometimes they even sample it, it makes my life complete.

  4. As an emo who’s all grown up now, I LOVE seeing him jam out to Escape the Fate.
    RIP Juice Wrld, I hope you’re listening to it in heaven 🖤


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