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Another AWESOME playing card deck unboxing and review video! Knowing that some of our subscribers also play Blackjack and/or Poker, collect playing cards, and MAYBE are into magic and cardistry, I thought I’d do this unboxing and review video.

Get the cards here….
Penguin Magic website:
or here
Natalia Silva’s website:

When I saw this deck online, being a HUGE Halloween fan, I knew I had to get some. I’m so glad I did. These cards are full of fun artwork that will make any Halloween fan happy. With spooky and whimsical designs, Natalia Silva has created a wonderfully festive deck. Each card has a different image on the face, which makes this deck TONS of fun to look through.

The Mars deck is a fun deck for any application: poker, blackjack, magic, and cardistry. The festive design is one that will create conversation and smiles. Used for poker night, it will certainly add some fun to the evening. It handles wonderfully, thanks to the USPCC Bicycle stock and Premium Finish, so your slights-of-hand, deals, fans, shuffles, and springs all are workable right out of the box!

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