This video is covering an all time favorite houseplant, the Burro’s tail or Donkey tail succulent. How to grow Burro’s tail and overall just how to care for Burro’s tail is fairly easy. These can be difficult houseplants as far as succulents go given their quick dramatic reaction to being over watered. I like the donkey tail succulents for their interesting foliage and heavy trailing habit both for inside and outside as well. Watering these plants is the key to successful growing…. just don’t water these succulents often and keep them out of blazing direct sunlight, particularly in hot weather. If you grow these I suggest keeping a shallow dish with some soil handy to drop the fallen leaflets into because they are easy to propagate. I do talk about how to propagate from leaves and stem cuttings also.

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  1. My mother in law cut off 3 tips from her plant and potted it in a small one with drainage holes and gave it to me, how long does it need to be in there until I can re pot it ?

  2. Hi! You’re funny. I like you! Thanks for the info. I bought one last week and I already have a string of pearls that I got to flower this year. It seems like they have the same type of care 😂 I’m going to make a double layer macrame planter with the SOP on top and the BT on bottom. I have a southern window with a soft white sheer that they will love. Have a great one! 🌱♥️

  3. Ugh! Mine is in the process of dying. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    The foliage is drying and crusting off like crazy.
    It was doing so well and pushing out so much new growth.
    Now it suddenly is being so dramatic about everything I do.

  4. First time watching one of your vids and I was disappointed that there wasn't a chalk board to go with the wand you waved around… or some magic dust flying out of it? Liked and subscribed.

  5. I bought 3 in the past, they all die on me, either due to too dry or root rot. I just bought 3 again, hopefully it will survive this time. Once they are stable and grow more then I'll repot all of them together. 🙂

  6. A really useful video! I'm a new plant hobbyist and this was my second plant and one I'm very excited about. I was a little worried, it has new growth and new sprouts but the main branch is tall really tall. I keep expecting it to eventually flop over. But I guess its growing so I'll chill for now. Like you said gotta stop fussing with it I guess

  7. Just now watching this and now I feel the urge to run outside and pull mine in. My baby did so well out there in the summer, but now that its fall I needs a good relocating!

  8. As soon as I met mine at the Nursery, I fell in love. I picked it up and it started to drop some leafs and I called it Big Lil Asshole. I asked the owners of the joint what the name of it was and they said Donkeys Tale. Yup. Asshole. The name stuck. I love my Big Lil Asshole. This was a great video! Thanks friend.


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