GEM has attempted to create a backpack specifically with card game players in mind. Is this something that’s really necessary? Check out my review of the GEM Protech Backpack and find out!

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  1. I am so getting this bag! What I love about this bag is that it's designed for the security of the players as well. This bag almost completely ensures that thieves don't get a simple snatch and grab and will probably be caught if they are trying to steal your stuff during a match.

  2. I love what this man does with yugioh and he has inspired me to create my own channel fazeboy65 I hope you guys can support me. I will do tons of deck profiles and huge unboxings of packs new and old.

  3. 0:17 Uhm, pirate lab already had a backpack like this one, and also had a messanger bag option. This backpack is relatively cheaper then both those options. Also, ultimate guard also made their version of a backpack like this one as well.


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