Part 1 of some thoughts/review/info on the Game King 2019-in-1 multi-game JAMMA PCB for arcade cabinets. Also, if you have a Game King but can’t get any video output from it this covers one possible cause.

One thing I misspoke about was the sub-PCB handling the video change, that is totally incorrect and I knew that before I said it. The video output is changed on the software level, so you can get 15khz video directly from the motherboard VGA out if you splice a monitor cable straight into the RBG/sync harness to your monitor. That was what I was doing prior to finishing my homemade connector cable.


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  1. I have the older version of that unit. Got it in about 2008. Mine has no metal case. Games Family was the name of it. Has the same instruction manual. It was originally about 1925 games. I had to plug In the little harness to my cabinet so i could play 6 button fighting games. I have it hooked up in a Super Neo 29 (Neo Geo) Japanese cabinet. About 6 or 7 years back i bought an ugraded hard drive with 3025 games on it. There used to be a forum for people that owned these so people could discuss everything but it went offline some years back.

  2. How did you make that cable that you use on the VGA output to get 15khz from the jamma harness? I really want to buy this for my supergun and the seller not including that cable is my only concern.


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