To find Galaxy Note 3 replacement screens and internal parts visit:

2:30 Skip Intro
3:58 USB/MHL Port & Microphone
6:05 Proximity/Gesture sensor
7:56 Mainboard Removal
9:44 Main Camera
10:32 Power Switch & Vibrator
11:14 Headphone Socket & Earpiece
13:19 Screen & Frame Separation
24:18 Home & Touch Key Flex
30:17 New Power Switch
32:23 USB Flex Replacement
32:52 Poor Reception

Diagnostic Menu *#0*#
Dial *#*#4636#*#* for a full engineering menu.
DIY repairs will void any warranty but may save you £$

Shot up close with a Panasonic HC-X900 and a Shure Microphone PG42 USB
My studio setup

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  1. i have same phone and need help ,,, phone not charging not turning on i changed the charging port and still nothing .phone does get hop inside somewhere on top when pluged in?

  2. Thank you for this wonderful guide, amazing video.
    My original screen is broken and I have to replace it. But I bought a Chinese screen from the eBay. I havr manage to replace it myself, but the touch screen doesn't work, it only works with the Spen. What do you think? Where to look for?

  3. for the second time black screen of death on it… two years ago.. now I'm trying to fix it again without buy another lcd screen but it seems impossible. I don't understand why it happen, this video doesn't help to know reasons for that but is impressive : clean, simply, correct. Great job, really. thanks

  4. Best video and best tutor so far in YouTube ..
    Would enjoy your classroom anytime ..and why would anyone really do a thumbs down on this video ..could be trolls or these phone repair thieves who don't want us to know the knowledge

  5. Hello I need help with my note 3. It just stopped working. I tried new battery, charging and it’s still not working. It heats up pretty bad when I charge but it doesn’t come on at all. Could it be motherboard problem?

  6. I have a little problem… Everything in the note 3 is working…is just that the screen is not displaying anything it's completely blank…what do u think the Problem is?? And what do u think I should resolve this…?? Note the screen has no crack.

  7. Had a little too much trouble with removing the rear cover more than I should, if your Galaxy Note 3's metal sides that surround your buttons are chipping off be careful around the buttons while trying to remove the clips of the rear cover because you could move the buttons, as I found out the hard way I actually somehow pushed upward the power button for mine and that made it significantly harder to unclip the plastic bit there that was right next to the power button and took me 30 minutes to remove the rear cover. lol

  8. I am very much glad to see your vedio. My note 3 becomes very much hot/warm when i use internet (little use). I am using it for last 4 years almost, but i love it so much. can you please tell me what can i do. please reply here if you can give me your valuable time.


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