– Focus On Your Game Piece In Life

In this video i talk about how life has been very “back and

forth” for me lately. I really want to make things easier for

myself by only focusing on the most important things. That`s

what i`m trying to do at the moment, to eliminate things that

really don`t support me. That`s what we all have to do at times!

At the end of the day, who do you want to be? This is the

question you godda ask yourself. If you scatter your focus

and your energy into too many directions, you won`t become

the best version of yourself. The worst part is that you also

may get frustrated and maybe even depressed.

A lot of people want to work hard to succeed, but the ones

who succeed and manifest a better life in the end is often

times those who work smart. So instead on working hard,

you should find out how to work smart 😀

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  1. This was good. I've only just gotten on the path of getting in touch with my inner self but it's been one of the most (if not the #1) amazing things i've ever focused my time on. I feel my life has totally turned around.

    One question i've been wondering though: do You think there is a balance between being totally focused on just 1 or 2 of Your strengths and passions versus being well-rounded and knowing a bit about a lot of things? I hear we should only focus on a few areas but i also like being holistic. I also find life exciting and want to explore everything. Should i ignore most areas of life to only focus on a few? What are Your thoughts, my friend?

  2. Great video. I was thinking about whether you maybe should read ''The One Thing'' book but then you mentioned it yourself! As for the rest of your video and taking things slow, it reminded me of

    ''Ensure that your character can keep you where your talent leads you.''
    See PATIENCE 3: DEVELOPING YOUR CHARACTER from etthehiphoppreacher 

    and also a why we lose motivation video 

    See Why We Lose Motivation from strengthcamp
    which says you can't go GO GO GO whole year round. 

    and this acronym

    EAST – everything at the same time is least effective 

    I have a bit similar issues. Good luck for us both. 🙂 


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