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PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster embarrass themselves by playing Jeopardy for the Nintendo Wii!

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Edited by Todd! (RatedSGames)

Into art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →


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  1. I had to read Fever 1793 in 7th grade so when that question popped up I started screaming "Yellow Fever" and I was surprised they didn't know. I shouldn't. be surprised tho lolol

  2. God,I Remember Katrina,it Sucked,we Got Stuck Taking in a Bunch of Temporary New Students in my Middle School,it Would’ve Been ok if They Hadn’t Have Been a Bunch of Stuck up Assholes,I Offered to Help 1 of Them,She Was a Total Bitch About it

  3. Pewds: 'They don't like me, l don't know why. '
    Me: You jumped on its back wearing full plate armour! I wouldn't even let PBG do that to me, so that horse has every right to kick you to death! 🤣


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